Shivat Zion

Pre-Aliyah Timeline

Last updated: 02.07.2023

The following represents a general outline on how to make Aliyah and move to Israel.
Please contact us directly for your personal Aliyah plan.

  • Start the Aliyah application by contacting the Global Aliyah Center at the Jewish Agency for Israel and set a potential Aliyah date.
  • Start preparing the required documentation as instructed.
  • Make sure that all documents that need an Apostille have one.
  • Please note that Background Checks that need an Apostille may expire during the application process (usually after six months) and you will have to reissue the Check with another Apostille. To make it easier, check with the Jewish Agency if you can submit the first Background Check without an Apostille and only the second one after your interview with one.
  • A regular Aliyah process could take up to 12 months. It is recommended not to leave your job or residence too early before confirming your actual Aliyah date.
    Start learning or improving your Hebrew skills
  • Schedule an interview with the Shaliach (the emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel).
  • Prepare your educational/ professional documents (resume, certificates, credentials).
  • Ensure all passports are valid for at least two years and driving licenses for at least one year post Aliyah.
  • Begin making a financial plan for your life in Israel. Contact us for various tools to help.
  • Start browsing for job opportunities.
  • Learn more about different Israeli cities and options for your first home.
  • Double-check all your documents.
  • If relevant, start to arrange your pet’s documentation, microchip, vaccinations, and forms.
  • Think about what personal items you want to bring with you (i.e. clothes, furniture, appliances, toys etc.).
  • Learn more about different options to ship your furniture & belongings.
  • Research the best way to transfer money from your country to Israel. We recommend obtaining an international credit card attached to your foreign bank account to use to make payments and withdraw cash during the initial stages of your Aliyah until you work out your bank details.
  • Decide where you want to live, as you will need an Israeli address in order to have your Aliyah approved.
  • Receive notification from the Jewish Agency Eligibility department. Contact your local Shaliach to check if your Aliyah application was approved and when you will receive your Aliyah visa.
  • If approved, the Shaliach will contact you about booking your flight and you will then need to review the luggage guidelines.
  • In your home Country:
    – Arrange to have your local mail stopped or forwarded to a new address
    – Schedule cancellation of all your utilities – water, gas, electricity, phone, cable television etc.
    – Make copies of all medical and dental records including copies of children’s vaccine records
    – Arrange all your personal paperwork, life insurance, wills (for assets in your home country) and power of attorney if needed.
    – Translate the birth certificate of everyone in the family making Aliyah into English. It does not need to be an official translation by a notary.
    – Inform your bank(s) and credit card companies that you are moving so any credit cards etc. wont be blocked if you use them.
    – Buy a three to six months supply of any prescription medicine for after Aliyah
    – Technology – make sure your mobile phone(s) can use an Israeli SIM and upgrade any electronics (phones, computers etc.) if they are older.
  • Learn more about the community you chose to live in, especially:
    Schools and ulpan.
    – Olim support center.
    – City Hall/Municipality.
    – Banks in the area.
    – Misrad HaKlita’s closest branch.
    – Get a letter from the school stating your child’s grade level and any other pertinent information about them.
    – Decide on your preferred Kupat Cholim – HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
    – Start packing your furniture & belongings for shipment to Israel
  • Submit any special flight requests.
  • Arrange transportation to the airport and plan to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight.
  • Finalize bank arrangements and online banking for international use.
  • Start packing your suitcases. Bear in mind the size and weight of the bags and that each airline has its own policy.
  • Set a reminder to check in on time.
  • Two printed photos (3 x 4 inches) that only include your face on a white background.
  • Print your arrival form.
  • Collect all original documents and make sure to put them in your hand luggage!
  • If applicable, purchase and bring local money or dollars for expenses at any connecting airports.
  • Be at the airport 3 hours before your flight.
  • Don’t forget to also bring in your hand luggage:
    – Original birth certificates with Apostille.
    – An unofficial translation of each birth certificate into English.
    – Passports.
    – Civil marriage/divorce/death certificate with apostille (if applicable).
    – Proof of Judaism letter.
    – Aliyah Visa (if applicable).
    – Three passport photos (3×4) for each family member making Aliyah.