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Last updated: 02.07.2023
Learning Hebrew is essential for Olim (new immigrants) in Israel. This guide will help you navigate the process of enrolling in an Ulpan to ensure a successful Klita (קליטה) integration into Israeli society and its work force.
As an Oleh (including a Katin Chozer and Ezrach Oleh), as part of your Zechuyot (זכויות), benefits, there are various Ulpan options available. An Oleh is eligible to have two free Ulpan courses paid for, with one required to be a government-sponsored one. A standard course runs about five months, five days a week for five hours a day or around 420-450 hours, but there are also less intensive programs.
  • Olim within 10 years of their Aliyah for a government-sponsored or private Ulpan.
  • Age requirement for voucher program: 17 and older at the time of Aliyah.
  • An Oleh who studied in an Ulpan using a voucher, and who, upon conclusion of studies, is interested in studying Hebrew in “Ulpan Aleph” in a Ministry of Education ulpan, may do so.
  • An Oleh who studied in Ulpan Aleph of the Ministry of Education, and attended all the classes of the Ulpan, and upon the conclusion of studies wants to continue their Hebrew studies via the voucher program in a private Ulpan may do so.

Types of Ulpan

Ulpan courses of the Ministry of Education are available all over the country and the address that appears on your Teudat Zehut usually determines which one you are eligible for.

In addition to the official government-run Ulpanim, there are also many privately run Ulpanim, either in-person or online that are available for Olim to participate in using vouchers issued by the Misrad HaKlita (משרד הקליטה), Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, that will reimburse the cost in multiple payments. A list of approved private programs eligible for voucher use is available here.

In both types of Ulpanim, in order to register you can either contact your counselor at the local branch of the Misrad HaKlita, see here, or you can apply online after creating an account here. There is a very clear English YouTube video explaining the process here.

Contact your Klita counselor at your local branch of the Misrad HaKlita to receive a referral for Ulpan.
Alternatively, you can apply online as described in section 2. If multiple programs are available, consider visiting them to learn more before registering.

Financial aid is available but subject to conditions:

  • The amount will not exceed 7,500 NIS or the actual course cost, whichever is lower.
  • Transportation Subsidy: Check with your Klita counselor to determine eligibility for transportation subsidies.
  • Living allowance during Ulpan Study: Olim enrolled in an Ulpan and who are not receiving the Sal Klita (סל קליטה) Integration basket payments, may be eligible for a living allowance during the period of study. In order to determine your eligibility please ask your Klita counselor.
  • Olim who do not utilize their right to Ulpan during their first year of Aliyah will not be eligible to receive a living allowance and transportation subsidies which are part of the Sal Klita if they do register for an Ulpan later on.

For more detailed information on how to receive financial assistance, view this link

Final note: While this guide outlines the current approved procedure, there may be variations. If you encounter conflicting information, please contact us for clarification.