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Choosing a Place to Live

Last updated: 02.07.2023
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Israel is a country with a very heterogeneous population. Before deciding where to live, consider if you fit into the local community. The following points will help you with that consideration. You can also reach out to us for further help.

Points to Consider

Do you want to live in a big or small city, in a Yishuv, Moshav or Kibbutz?

In some places you will find different languages being predominant, e.g., Russian, English, French or Spanish.

If you have children who are attending school or household members that are planning to study, check out the schools, universities and vocational courses in the area.

Different religious streams might be predominant in different places. Choose what best fits your needs and cultural background.

If household members are reliant on regular medical services or have special needs, check for relevant infrastructure, institutions and supply in the area where you want to live.

Different areas offer different sorts of employment opportunities (i.e. city vs. countryside). Keep job options in mind when choosing a place to live.

Be aware of the fact that prices can differ a lot between different areas, cities and neighborhoods.