Shivat Zion

Landing in Israel

Nechita Be'Yisrael
נחיתה בישראל
Last updated: 02.07.2023
Upon your arrival in Israel, the beginning of the registration process will take place at the airport itself. It is therefore important to have all the necessary documents with you in your hand luggage!

What You Will Need:

Bring all your passports including the immigration visa which you have received from the Jewish Agency (it might be inside the passport or separate).

The arrival form which you received from the shaliach.

You might have received a letter from your shaliach (emissary). If you did, take it with you.

You have to bring the already submitted original Aliyah Documents, such as:

  • Birth Certificate (with simple translation into English or Hebrew)
  • Marital Status Certificate
  • Proof of Judaism

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Steps to Take:

At the airport entrance you will meet a governmental representative who will escort you through the passport control and to the ministry’s office for your initial registration.

You will receive:

  • Immigration certificate (Teudat Oleh)
  • Temporary ID or registration form to receive it later from Misrad HaPnim (Ministry of Interior)
  • ID appendix (sefach) in case you didn’t receive an ID
  • Cell phone chip with free calls in Israel

Collect your luggage, go through customs.

If you have a prior arrangement with the Jewish Agency, you will be taken to your destination by provided transportation. If not, you will travel home independently.

Important Note:

Check all the information on the received documents, especially on the Teudat Oleh. The benefits you will receive, vary based on the number of family members and their ages. Make sure that all the information is up to date. Also ensure that your name in Hebrew is spelled correctly.

The ID is temporary and valid for 3 months only. Later you will have to go to Misrad HaPnim to get your biometric ID.

If you didn’t receive your temporary ID at the airport, the appendix (sefach) serves as a substitute. You will need to present it when contacting various institutions.