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Writing a Cover Letter

Michtav Makdim
מכתב מקדים
Last updated: 02.07.2023
The article is based on content developed by Avy Leghziel, Professional Development Consultant.
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There are different schools of thought about whether a cover letter is necessary when you send a CV in Israel. If you are required to add a cover letter to your CV or you wish to do so – this is the suggested structure: The letter should include 3 main paragraphs, but remember to keep them fairly brief.


Do not repeat the professional experience and your life stages, because they already appear in the CV. Only write why you are interested in the position.

What achievements did you achieve in your previous jobs, what leadership roles did you hold, and what did you learn previously that shows that you are indeed the right candidate for the job? Make sure to briefly mention 2-3 points, with concrete examples, especially if you have a significant added skill or expertise that most of the candidates, in your opinion, do not have.

What would you like to learn or experience, and how does it serve your ambitions? Remember to write concisely. The goal is to show that this job is in line with your ambitions (and that you won’t leave after a short time because you found something more suitable). If you can connect your ambitions to what the company you are applying to does, it will make your cover letter more credible. Avoid forcing the connection between the two – the recruiter will spot it easily.

In conclusion, explain clearly why you are submitting your CV, why you are relevant for the job, and connect briefly to a more personal place towards the end.