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Toshav Chozer
תושב חוזר
Last updated: 13.06.2024
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If you are an Israeli who has been living outside of Israel for a while, you might qualify for the status of Toshav Chozer. As a Toshav Chozer you are entitled to certain benefits. The following explains who qualifies for the status and what you must do when returning to Israel.

Who is a Toshav Chozer?

You are already an Israeli citizen.

On the day of your return to Israel you are at least 17 years old.

You have lived abroad for at least 2 years (not as an Israeli emissary).

You have not visited Israel for more than 4 (consecutive or cumulative) months in each year of absence (during the last 2 years).

In the last 10 years you did not receive assistance as a returning resident from Misrad HaKlita.

In the last 2 years you did not receive assistance as an Oleh Chadash.

The step by step process

Six months before returning to Israel, you must apply to a personal absorption counselor in order to obtain a returning resident’s pass (Teudat Toshav Chozer).

You must fill out an application form online.

Apply for your first year of integration benefits in Israel. Please be aware that an Israeli bank account is needed in order to receive financial assistance. Please note: If you didn’t register online before your return, you must complete a questionnaire, present your passports and an updated ID, along with the documents required for the application. If you arrive in Israel with children and without their second parent, the absent parent needs to fill out a form in the presence of an Israeli consul abroad.

After approximately 2 weeks, you will be notified if you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements.

After returning to Israel, the Misrad HaKlita will issue a returning resident certificate (Teudat Toshav Chozer). This certificate enables you to continue receiving financial support and to proceed with the absorption process at the district office of the Misrad HaKlita that is closest to your place of residence.

Important Note:

If you haven’t paid your Bituach Leumi fees while abroad or are no longer considered a resident of Israel, you are not automatically eligible for Bituach Briut – national health insurance, upon your return. During the waiting period (one month for every year you have spent abroad, max. 6 months), you should arrange for private insurance. Children are immediately eligible.. For more information about clarifying your status in Bituach Leumi, check here.

If you left Israel without notifying Bituach Leumi, you might have debts that accumulated over the years of your absence. We strongly recommend that you contact Bituach Leumi in order to check possible debts regarding your social insurance

If you encounter difficulties completing the aforementioned forms, get in touch with us.