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Occupational Therapy License Conversion

Ripui Be'Isuk
ריפוי בעיסוק
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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In order to become licensed as a Merapah/Merapeh Be’Isuk (מרפא בעיסוק), Occupational Therapist in Israel, one has to have their studies, including an internship, approved by Misrad HaBriut (משרד הבריאות), the Ministry of Health (MOH). For additional information, click here.
In addition there is a professional exam that must be taken and passed.

Ensure that your studies, including an internship, are approved by the Misrad HaBriut

Obtain the necessary documents for the license conversion process.

Note that documents initially issued in English do not need to be translated into Hebrew, but all others must be apostilled and notarized by an Israeli notary, including translation.

  • Two passport photos
  • Application Form: Please download this form to register for the examination in Occupational Therapy. You can see the test dates here.
  • Questionnaire for Healthcare Professionals: Please complete this questionnaire, ensuring that your name is written in its Hebrew transliteration. Please provide an Israeli address and cell phone number as well.
  • Two photocopies of an Israeli identity card: Include the address slip and statement of status in Israel (citizen or resident). If the status is not specified on the identity card, provide a copy of an Israeli passport or confirmation from the Misrad HaPnim (משרד הפנים), Interior Ministry, regarding your status.
  • Final diploma in Occupational Therapy: Alternatively, provide a certification from the university stating that you have completed your studies and fulfilled all academic requirements. Verification is required, see below section 4.
  • Valid license to practice: Verification is required, see below section 4.
  • Official confirmation of the studies’ start and completion dates: Verification is required, see below section 4.
  • Official certification of having successfully completed an internship (1,000 hours). Alternatively, if you have worked as an OT for more than one year no internship is required, just provide documents including work permit and license and license verification from the licensing board stating that your license has never been revoked, suspended, limited or placed on probation.
  • Official confirmation of work experience with start and end dates for each institution. Verification is required, see below section 4.
  • Professional Certificate of Good Standing: Obtain this certificate from the authority authorized to issue it in the country where you are licensed. The certificate should confirm the absence of any disciplinary, negligence, or professional ethics complaints against you. It should be sent directly to the Israeli Misrad HaBriut. For further information, check here.

Choose one of the following verification options for documents requiring verification:

  • Verification with an apostille
  • Visit/send the documents to an Israeli notary for notarization. Find the closest one by clicking here.
  • Obtain an Imut He’etek (אימות העתק), verified copy, of the document at the Israeli consulate.

Submit two copies of each document: Submit the verified copy along with an additional photocopy of the original document. Retain the originals and a photocopy of the verified document for yourself.

Online degrees are currently not recognized by the Israeli Ministry.
Some documents listed above are valid for only one year from the issuing date. Ensure timely submission of your Teudat Zehut (תעודת זהות), ID card, to avoid the need for re-issued documents.

Once your documents are approved, you must pass a licensing exam, which is given twice a year and offered in multiple languages. For more information and test dates, click here.

You can complete all the above steps before Aliyah (immigration to Israel). This can expedite the process, and your file will be ready, pending completion of Aliyah.

If your documents are approved and you pass the exam, you only need to send your new Teudat Zehut upon completing Aliyah, and your license will be mailed to your home address.

If you are below the Israeli retirement age, you may be entitled to reimbursement from Misrad Haklita (משרד הקליטה), Integration Ministry, for notarization and translation expenses incurred in Israel (up to 4000 NIS).
This reimbursement process can be initiated only after completing Aliyah. Take your original receipts to your local office of Misrad HaKlita and submit them for processing.

Please Note: Misrad Habriut now offers a new customer call center to answer questions about licensing for healthcare professionals. In Israel call *5400, Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 – 18:00, and Fridays from 8:00 – 13:00.