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Nursing License Conversion

Rishyon Siyud
רישיון סיעוד
Last updated: 12.06.2023
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In order to undergo a Hamarat Rishayon Siyud (המרת רישיון סיעוד), Conversion of a Nursing license, there is an application process that includes having your studies and degree approved by Misrad HaBriut (משרד הבריאות) the Ministry of Health (MOH). In addition there is a professional exam that must be taken and passed as well as displaying Hebrew competency. Lastly, one also needs to provide proof of employment as a nurse in one or more countries where the license was recognized.
  1. If you studied nursing abroad and want to work as a nurse in Israel after Aliyah, you must undergo an application process, including a government licensing exam.

  2. Start by filling out an online questionnaire, to receive a username and password for the Misrad HaBriut (משרד הבריאות), Ministry of Health portal. This service is available only to individuals with a Teudat Zehut (תעודת זהות), Israeli ID number.

  3. As of September 1, 2022, all application documents must be scanned, digitally signed by an Israeli notary and uploaded to the portal. Click here for a list of certified notaries.

Important note: Starting January 1, 2023, requests for recognition of foreign nursing degrees received by regular mail will not be processed.

Eligibility to work as a nurse in Israel

To work as a nurse in Israel, you need to meet the following criteria:

Israeli citizenship or residency (temporary or permanent)

Proof of completion of a nursing degree in the country where you studied which is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education

Provide proof of employment for 18 months within the last 10 years or proof of graduation from a recognized nursing program within the last 10 years.

The exam is offered in multiple languages, including Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. If you take the exam in a language other than Hebrew, you must also pass an additional Hebrew proficiency exam.

Other ways to prove proficiency in Hebrew include:

Passing the Bagrut (בגרות) exam in Hebrew with a minimal score of 60.

Completing Ulpan Gimmel (אולפן ג) with a minimal score of 70 on the final test

You can read more about the YAEL exam here. The exam is offered several times a year in various locations in Israel for a fee. Click here for the upcoming test dates and fees. You can also call the office at 02-6759555 for more information. The YAEL exam can also be taken prior to making Aliyah as a tourist. It takes around 40 days to receive the test scores.

Scoring at least 65 on the Mivchan Bekiyut B’Ivrit (מבחן בקיאות בעברית), Ministry of Education Hebrew proficiency test. For further information one can also email with your name, phone number, physical address and preferred testing site, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

In addition to regular Ulpan, Misrad HaKlita offers an Ulpan specifically for medical professionals called Shlav Bet (שלב בית). Contact your local branch of Misrad HaKlita to find out when the next class will begin.

Documents you need to submit to Misrad Habriut

Including start and end dates, job description, and contact information of your employer.

With a valid work visa in Israel. Regarding the identity card: please take a photo of both sides and the Sefach (ספח), Information attachment to ID card, stating your status as a citizen/resident

Photocopy of your Teudat Oleh (תעודת עולה), immigrant certificate or Teudat Toshav Chozer (תעודת תושב חוזר), returning resident certificate, depending on your status. Please note that if the name in the documents is different from your current name – an official Misrad HaPnim (משרד הפנים), Interior Ministry document indicating the name change must be submitted.

  • Transcripts of your nursing studies from all relevant academic institutions (Note: Distance or online nursing study programs are not recognized).

  • Curriculum details, including subjects of study, hours of theoretical and practical study, and details of clinical experience. Use the relevant form accessible here.

  • Diploma attesting to the completion of nursing studies.

Ensure that these documents are accompanied by an electronically notarized signature certifying the faithful translation to the original. Refer to this list of notaries linked in section 1.c above for assistance.

These three documents can also be sent directly from your Nursing School/University to the Minhal HaSiud (מינהל הסיעוד), Nursing Administration, without the need for notary approval, via the health professions portal. (see section 1.b above)

When sending directly from the educational institution, you must verify that the documents have been sent and received.

Attach a document with your contact details, including mailing address, a mobile phone number for SMS communication, and a valid email address.

For technical reasons, messages from the Minhal HaSiud are not sent to email boxes with .ru or .fr suffixes. It is recommended to open an address that does not have these suffixes for the purpose of communicating with the Minhal.

Only documents in Hebrew and English will be reviewed. If you submit documents in other languages the following must be submitted as well:

  • The documents in their original language

  • A Hebrew translation of the document

  • A digital notarized version by an Israeli notary. (see above 1.c)

  • If you already have an Israeli ID number (Teudat Zehut), create a user ID and password on the Misrad HaBriut portal to upload the documents (refer to section 1 above).
  • If you are in the process of Aliyah but have not yet received your Teudat Zehut, send the verified documents for review via registered mail to:

Nursing Division – Ministry of Health
39 Yirmiyahu Street
Jerusalem, Israel 9446724

Ensure that your documents are verified using one of the following options:

Recommended: Get an apostille after notarizing the original document.
Have the document notarized by an Israeli notary. A foreign notarization alone is not sufficient.
Submit two copies of all documents: the validated copy and a photocopy of the original document. Keep the originals and a photocopy for yourself.

Required documents include:

  • Medical licensing questionnaire

  • A form co-completed by you and the registrar of the school that granted your degree. If relevant coursework was completed at multiple institutions, provide transcripts from each institution.

  • Diploma.

  • Official transcript(s) listing course topics, grades, and hours of study (academic and practical).

  • Official confirmation of employment after nursing school, including start and end dates and job description.

  • If applying pre-Aliyah, send a copy of your valid passport instead of the Teudat Oleh and Teudat Zehut.

  • Official document stating a change of name, if applicable.

  • Valid foreign nursing license.

  • If you don’t have a BA, provide an official copy of your high school diploma.

Once all the documents are received, the nursing division will determine the licensing process for each oleh. You can contact the nursing division at with any questions. Include your first and last name and Teudat Zehut number in all communications, if relevant.

It is important to note that the Misrad HaKlita (משרד הקליטה), Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, together with the Minhal HaSiud, have also initiated a new program called Mitchadeshim to help integrate new immigrants who are graduates of foreign nursing programs. This program offers supplemental support options for eligible candidates and it is recommended to check it out to see if you are eligible.

Note: For more information in English regarding licensing for nurses, you can click here and here