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What to Do When You Lose Your Wallet (or other items)
Last updated: 12.02.2024
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Losing a wallet or purse is an upsetting event and can be very frustrating. This short guide is designed to help you respond quickly and in an organized way to the many bureaucratic steps necessary to prevent further disruption to your life.

What to do if an item is lost or stolen

You should start by retracing your steps to see if you can identify where you lost it.

If you lost your wallet on a bus it is important to track down the last stop of the line you were on as all items left behind are turned into the bus terminal’s Lost & Found office.

Note: this location may be different from the central bus station. It is advisable to go there as soon as possible and ask around as you may be able to find the wallet there. From experience, people have successfully retrieved their lost item this way and many of the bus lines recommend this approach.

  • Egged – call *2800 and press 3 for the English menu, and then 1. The service representative you will reach will enter the report of your lost item into their internal system. Alternatively, fill in the online form here (in Hebrew). Different cities have different hours for their Lost & Found Departments – see here.
  • Dan bus lines (website only in Hebrew) call the Lost and Found department at 03-6933280, or the main number at *3456
    Lost & Found office address:
    Baruch Hirsch 14, Bnei Brak – Beit Selah Fifth Floor
    Hours of operation: Sun-Thurs 07:30- 10:30, 11:00 -15:00, Fri closed
  • Electra-Afikim (Lost & Found page in Hebrew) call Lost & Found at 073-7803901 or *6686, then press 3, then 2
    Hours of operation: Sun-Thurs 08:00-19:00 Fridays and Erev Chag 08:00-11:30
    Alternatively, fill in the online form here (in Hebrew).
  • Kavim – call *2060 then press 3 to speak with a representative. Different cities have different locations and hours for their Lost & Found departments – see link here.
  • Metropoline – call *5900 then press 3. Different cities have different hours of operation – see link here.
  • Nateev Express (Lost & Found page in Hebrew) call *3553 or 1-599-559-55. You can also go to the branch offices in each city or fill out an online request in Hebrew here.
  • Superbus – Different areas have different contact numbers for their Lost & Found, click here to see them. They also have an online Lost & Found form here.

Israel Railways (FAQs in English) call *5770 press 3 for Lost & Found, hours of operation: Sun-Thurs 07:00-18:00

Go to the stores you visited to see if someone turned it in, and they may accept a report as well
If you lost it in a mall, you can also file a report with mall management

You can always file a report with the police (this link, in Hebrew only, is for lost or stolen items – it can be anything, not just your wallet)

How to cancel and replace items

Make a list of items in the wallet/purse that you’ll need to cancel and replace. This may include your Teudat Zehut ID card, Kupat Cholim medical card, credit cards, debit cards, ID cards for work/school, Rav Kav, etc.

To replace your Teudat Zehut ID card, make an appointment with Misrad Hapnim using GoVisit to start the process. You will need an Israeli passport as an alternate proof of ID. If you do not have one, you need a photo ID document from a Guf Mamlachti – גוף ממלכתי אחר – another governmental body. A drivers license – even an Israeli one – does not count for this purpose.

Contact your debit card and credit card issuers to block your cards. Usually, you can have them put a temporary block on them. Alternatively you can also cancel your card and order a new one

Here’s how to reach some of them (Hebrew):

  • Cal (Visa or Diners Card) via phone 03-5726444 , WhatsApp 03-5725111 or their website
  • Isracard (Mastercard) *6272
  • Max  Phone 03-6178800, WhatsApp 054-7666611

To get a new Kupat Cholim card, go to your local clinic or branch and speak with the secretary. They can cancel your old card and, in most cases, will issue a new one or temporary one on the spot.

Note: Make sure the old one is canceled and you’re not just getting a duplicate because if you’ve connected your Kupat Cholim card to your bank account or credit card, someone else can charge your account for items purchased at the Kupat Cholim pharmacy.

Click here to see an explanation in English regarding some replacement procedure options. Another option is to download a PDF of your license from your Eizor Ishi – איזור אישי – personal account in MyGov instead of requesting a physical replacement. If you already have a MyGov account, you can click here to start the process. If not, you can watch this tutorial to see how to set one up.

If your Rav Kav transportation payment card was lost or stolen, you’ll want to cancel it and get your balance and contracts reloaded onto a new one. Please note that only personalized cards can be transferred. Click here to see all the Rav Kav FAQ’s, scroll down to the last section entitled: “Issue Rav-Kav card” and look for the question: “I lost my Rav-Kav card. What should I do?” It will take a few days to process your balance transfer request.

To order a replacement card online click here. To replace the card in person, find the service branch closest to you, There is no need to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

This guide was created and translated by Shivat Zion based on an article by Ester Silber-Schachter from For the original post click here.