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Letters Required from Oleh Who Converted

מסמכים נחוצים לצורך עלייה לישראל לאחר גיור
Last updated: 07.01.2024
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The following guide has been adapted and translated by Shivat Zion based on information provided by the Jewish Agency.

If you are applying for Aliyah after having converted to Judaism, please check the list below for the letters you need to provide, and their requirements.

Note: You might be asked to provide additional letters by the Jewish Agency or Misrad HaPnim – משרד הפנים – Interior Ministry.

It is important to provide this list to the Rabbi, teacher or community leaders.

Letters from the Community

A letter from a Rabbi detailing the preparation for conversion including:

  • Why and when the applicant approached the congregation, when he/she first met with the Rabbi, when the applicant began participating in synagogue life, in what activities he/she participated and with what frequency.
  • Details of studies for conversion: where did the studies take place, over what time period, how many hours, how often, who taught the classes, what subjects were studied, how many participants in the class.
  • Details of any additional preparatory activities for the conversion, such as personal meetings with the Rabbi, etc.
  • Where the Beit Din took place and who were the members of the Beit Din, as this information is not always clear on the Conversion Certificate.
  • The letter should refer separately to each individual in the family who was converted. If there were individuals in the family unit that were not converted, please explain why.
  • Any additional information and comments about the applicant and his/her conversion process are welcomed.

A letter from a Rabbi describing the applicant’s participation in the Jewish Community before, during and after the conversion with details of the activities in which the applicant has participated since the conversion including where and frequency of participation.

Note: For this letter only, in the absence of a Rabbi, the letter can be signed by three official members of the board of directors (with their names and positions clearly stated).

If the applicant was converted by a Beit Din outside of the synagogue in which he/she studied and participated, the Rabbi overseeing the actual conversion process and preparation needs to provide a letter clarifying the connection between the Beit Din and the synagogue to which the applicant belongs, and how and why this external Beit Din was chosen.

  • All letters must be dated, ink-signed and stamped.
  • Letters written by Rabbis or teachers should be on synagogue letterhead and provide contact details of the Rabbi/teacher

Personal Letter

This letter should describe the applicant’s motivation for conversion, how and when he/she began the conversion process, details of study for conversion and participation in the synagogue before, during and after the conversion – where did studies take place, who were the teachers, how often did classes take place, how many hours, dates, remotely or not etc..

Note: The letter must be personal and written in either English or Hebrew by the applicant (in a family, each adult applicant should write their own letter). It can be typed, but it must be dated and ink-signed.