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Aliyah Customs Benefits

Hatavot Meches LeOleh
הטבות מכס לעולה
Last updated: 21.02.2024
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As an Oleh, you are entitled to various tax benefits. One of the better-known ones is the ability to import specific household goods and other items into Israel with tax discounts or exemptions for a limited amount of time. The following guide is designed to provide you with an overview of what is included.
  • Oleh Chadash – עולה חדש – Eligible according to the Law of Return
  • Ezrach Oleh – אזרח עולה – Born abroad to an Israeli parent
  • Katin Chozer – קטין חוזר – Returning Minor
  • Toshav Chozer – תושב חוזר – Returning Resident (limited Customs benefits only)
  • An Oleh is allowed to import household items with no taxes – limited to three shipments within three years. Shipments include those by boat, plane, post office or items brought into Israel in person after your Aliyah flight.
  • Reduced taxes on purchasing a new car/motorcycle from a dealer.

What items are eligible?

In general: personal belongings, household items, hand-held tools, machines for business, motor vehicles (partial exemption).

  • Clothing, footwear and personal toiletries – of the types and quantities that are usually brought as hand luggage of passengers. Alcohol, liquor, spirits – 1 liter total, and 2 liters of wine – for each entrant aged at least 18.
  • Cosmetics with alcohol content (perfumes), up to 1/4 liter (250 ml) – for each entrant.
    Tobacco in all its forms, weighing not more than 250 grams and cigarettes – up to 200 cigarettes in a carton.
  • Other items not specified, which you brought with you upon entry for personal use or as a gift for someone else, whose value does not exceed $200 USD – for each entrant from the age of 2 and up.
  • As part of this amount, it is possible to bring types of food whose total weight is up to 3 kilograms, provided that the weight of each type of food does not exceed 1 kilogram (2.20 pounds).
  • The exemption is limited per person and cannot combine everyone’s rights and receive an exemption for an item, which has a value of over $200.
  • If the value of an imported item exceeds $200, it is not possible to get an exemption for $200 and pay taxes on the difference. Entrants will be charged taxes on the full value of the item.

Please note:

  • The exemption for personal belongings will be extended to you, only if brought in with you on your trip.
  • If you only have personal belongings in the quantities or values listed above, you may go through the Green Customs lane in the airport.
  • If you have personal belongings in quantity or value that exceeds the above, you must go through the Red Customs lane.

Items imported from abroad are general household goods of the type used in a residential apartment, and do not include equipment for permanent installation, such as plumbing materials, building materials, flooring or wall coverings (wallpaper, tiles, marble, and others).

Household goods which you choose to bring in with you in your luggage on a trip, up to three years from your Aliyah date – will not be taxed and will not be considered as the one shipment of the items, for which you are entitled for exemption. However you must declare the goods and go through the Red customs lane at the airport and receive further instructions.

  • Each family may import up to 3 televisions and 3 computers.
  • For other appliances, electronics and major furniture items – one item of each category may be imported.

During your eligibility period, tools may be imported tax-free under the following conditions:

  • The tools are designed for your professional needs, as determined by the customs official.
  • They are of the type carried by hand as determined by the Customs Officer.
  • Their total value does not exceed an amount equal to $1,650 upon purchase.

If you receive a postal package addressed to you by mail containing household items, it will be considered as one of the three shipments you are entitled to.

A postal package containing only items of clothing and footwear, sent to Israel before entry – will be tax-exempt and will not be considered as a shipment under the following requirements:

  • If it arrived in Israel within 30 days before your entry.
  • If it arrived on the day of entry (as an accompanying baggage).
  • If it arrived within 3 months from the date of entry.
  • For more information, please see our guide here.
  • For an expanded explanation of the rights, rules and regulations in this guide including importing items to start a business, click here for the Tax Authority’s entry.