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Shivat Zion is a non-profit organization dedicated to simplifying the Aliyah process and supporting a smooth integration into Israeli life for Olim from Europe and Latin America.

We are here to guide you every step of the way, from your initial inquiry about Aliyah until you are comfortably settled in Israel. Our dedicated and professional team, who are themselves Olim, really understand the complexities of Aliyah and the unique challenges faced by Olim from the regions we serve.

Our approach leverages existing resources and partnerships with other organizations to provide personalized and effective assistance. With a focus on the human element, we offer culturally sensitive guidance in multiple languages, making information clear and actionable.

As your trusted resource for everything Aliyah-related, we offer our information and support services for free to help create a sense of security throughout your journey.

At Shivat Zion, everything we do is driven by a shared goal: to create a seamless Aliyah and Klita experience for every Oleh we serve.

Shivat Zion aims to be a complementary non-profit service to the existing governmental, semi-governmental and NGO’s working in the field of Aliyah and Klita, and will not hinder or disturb the work of those agencies.

Shivat Zion is an initiative of the Association for the Advancement of Giving and Social Progress in Israel (R.A.) – Association number 580705341.

Il Nostro Team

Shraga Evers

Chief Executive Officer

Hannah Kaminski

Olim Support Director

Naama Cohen

Knowledge Preservation

Mark Lehrman

Chief Research Officer

Jonathan Vigné

Digital Marketing Manager

Susi Cohen

Olim Support in German

Shifra Ocejo

Olim Support in Spanish

David Fadlun

Olim Support in Italian

Sheina Bernstein



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