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Aliyah Tips: Important Consumer Rights

Zechuyot Tzarchanim
זכויות צרכנים
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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It is important for Olim to know their Zechuyot Tzarchanim – זכויות צרכנים – consumer rights. The following Aliyah Tips guide reviews 7 key rights that you should be aware of:

The warranty on new products starts from the day you take possession of the item which is not necessarily the day of purchase, i.e. online orders etc. If the product requires installation, such as a dishwasher or washing machine, the warranty begins from the day of installation. Keep in mind that this installation often needs to be done by the company itself or a certified professional of their choice. Installing it yourself could void the warranty.

You are permitted to return an item and receive a refund under the following conditions:

  • It cost at least 50 shekels
  • The item is in brand new condition in its sealed packaging. Appliances can be opened, but cannot have been plugged in or hooked up to the gas or water lines.
  • You return it to the vendor within 14 days of purchase.
  • Some exceptions to this rule include undergarments, food and medicines, furniture that has already been assembled at your house, and other items. For further clarification see Kol Zchut (Hebrew only).

Sometimes a vendor may charge you a cancellation fee when you return a product or cancel a service. This is generally 5% of the purchase price or 100 shekels, whichever is lower. For further clarification see Kol Zchut (Hebrew only).

The refund policy must be clearly displayed in the store or on the website.

You cannot be charged a cancellation fee if there is a defect in the item, it is not as described, is not delivered on time, or there is any other breach of contract by the vendor.

You can be charged a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel a service or return an item for any other reason.

As of January 1, 2023, you can join Israel’s Don’t Call Me list in order to avoid receiving unsolicited sales calls. You can learn more and register for this service here. Please note that this list does not block charities from calling you to solicit donations.

As of November 2023, all items in supermarkets and pharmacies must have prices visibly marked. The price tag must also list the price per 100 grams or milliliters, to make it easier for you to price compare.

As of January 2024, supermarkets are required to list the country of origin of all fruits and vegetables.

If the scanner at the checkout shows a price higher than the price on the price tag for a particular item, the store must honor the lower price. Just make sure that the barcode or code number on the sign matches the one on the package.

Recommendation: It’s always advisable to check your receipt before you leave any store to make sure that the prices charged match the advertised price.

If you are waiting for a delivery or a technician to come and they run two or more hours late after the initial appointment window, you are entitled to compensation according to a sliding scale, but must file for it.

If one of your electrical appliances was damaged in an electrical power outage or surge, you may be eligible for compensation from the electric company. For further clarification, check Kol Zchut (Hebrew only).

For more detailed information in general on your Zechuyot Tzarchanim, check out Kol Zchut (Hebrew only)

This guide was created and translated by Shivat Zion based on an article by the Fionist Dream. For the original post click here.