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Israeli High School Team Wins 11 Medals at International Olympiads

August 3, 2023
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Israel’s future scientists and athletes can be found in its high schools, and based on their recent success, the future looks good! During the course of two international competitions in July in Chiba and Tokyo, Japan, the Israeli team won 11 medals, including one gold, eight silver and two bronze. The two competitions were the International Mathematics Olympiad held from July 2 -13 in Chiba and the International Physics Olympiad from July 10 – 17 in Tokyo. The Israeli gold was won in the Mathematics Olympiad which had 618 contestants from 112 countries. The Israeli team came in 14th place overall. In the Physics Olympiad, the Israeli students garnered a few silvers and an honorable mention as well and in general acquitted themselves well. 

As Israeli teams, from all ages and categories continue to increase their participation and competition in the international arena, their success has been generating a lot of positive press for the country, something that is always welcome. These last few months have seen Israeli victories in major basketball, soccer and track events, including third place in the international under-20 World Cup of Soccer, reaching the semifinals in the under-21 European Soccer Cup and second place in the under 20 European Basketball Championship as well as a gold medal in the under-20 World Athletic Championship in the 200 meter dash. Coupled  with these successes, Israel continues to expand its international participation footprint with Israel’s national water polo team competing for the first time ever in the World Aquatics Championships held this year in Fukuoka, Japan which drew contestants from over 200 countries, and even notching their first win against Kazakhstan!. All we can say is Go Team Israel, Go!

Source: Israel21C & Jerusalem Post