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The caves of Nahal Mearot

April 11, 2023
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One of the nine UNESCO world heritage sites in Israel is the Nahal Mearot Caves location.

There are 4 caves at Mount Carmel (Tabun, Jamal, El-Wad and Skhul) where a long, unbroken chain of human history and evolution can be seen which shines a light on prehistoric life in this region.

Located on on of the best preserved fossilised reefs of the Mediterranean region, archaeological evidence was found that covers thousands of years of history, including the appearance of modern humans and their rituals (such as deliberate burial, early forms of architecture, transition from hunter-gatherer societies into agricultural societies, etc.).

According to archaeologists, there is evidence here of the Acheulian complex period, the Mousterian culture period, the Natufian culture period and more.
It is considered a location that hold a record of human, biological, behavioural and cultural origins.

Come, make Aliyah, and discover the rich history of our homeland.