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June 11, 2023
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On June 5, 2023 the Shivat Zion staff traveled to Ra’anana to spend the day meeting with and learning from the amazing team at Telfed. Telfed, celebrating its 75th birthday this year, is focused on promoting the absorption of South Africans and Australian Olim in Israel, and to support their participation in and contribution to Israeli society.  As Shivat Zion continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and learning from the best in the Aliyah field helps us refine our best practices in providing legendary customer service to all the Olim we serve. The collected wisdom and dedication of the Telfed team came across in all the in-services we participated in, as we learned about the various services they provide, including Aliyah & Klita, employment advice, academic scholarships and financial support, volunteering and community building as well as social services to Olim in need. 

As a result of the various meetings and discussions it was agreed that Shivat Zion and Telfed will join together to cooperate and seek out new ways to raise the level of service to Olim. In addition, the personal and professional connections that were made between both staffs will be key in helping both our organizations continue to improve as we look forward to future collaborations.