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Tel Aviv University Ranks 2nd in Alumni Tech Unicorn Founders

August 30, 2023
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Outside of the United States, Israel’s Tel Aviv University ranks 1st as the alma mater with the most tech unicorn founders. According to the study conducted by Stanford University, which is at the top of the list globally with 310 alumni, Tel Aviv University comes in second with  43 followed by the University of Oxford with 33, IIT Delhi with 16 and Seoul National University with 6.

Tech Unicorn 1

According to Tel Aviv University’s chief entrepreneurship and innovation officer, Professor Moshe Zviran, this success is due to three reasons:

1 – the university is multidisciplinary with many academic fields offered enabling founders to interact with people from varied subjects as they develop their ideas.

2- the university has taken a very proactive approach to fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship, by offering courses that teach principles and management and by creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to try and develop an idea with the university joining in to help accelerate the most successful ones on the road to profitability

3- and lastly, the University’s location in Tel Aviv makes it the “default” institution for most of the tech talent that gravitates to the city and  live nearby

Professor Zviran’s top tip for budding entrepreneurs is not to be scared rather be daring. If you have an idea that you think is good, run with it, take risks and try it out. If you attract funding it means that someone else thinks it’s a good idea and if not, don’t give up, because maybe your next idea or the after that will be successful. 

Source: Israel21C