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June 26, 2023
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On June 26, 2023, members of the Shivat Zion staff met with senior staff of Masa in their offices in Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem. 

Shivat Zion Founder/Director Shraga Evers, together with Hannah Kaminski and Mark Lehrman met with  Uriel Edery (Director of Global Marketing & Sales), Yael Sahar Rubinstein (Chief Product Officer) and Andrew Dittus (Masa Community Manager) to learn more about the various Masa products and discuss ways in which the two organizations could work together to promote them and introduce potential Olim on Masa programs to Shivat Zion’s services.

The discussions were very productive and much common ground was revealed which could prove to be a win-win for both organizations. Continued cooperation and ways to work together will be pursued moving forward.

Shivat Zion continues to reach out and look for organizations to team up with to better enhance its support and guidance for Olim from Europe and Latin America, all with the goal of bringing more people on Aliyah and help them successfully integrate.