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Israeli government cuts through red tape to ease the klita process

May 24, 2023
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In order to facilitate the Aliyah process and make it easier for new Olim  (immigrants), the Israeli government has decided to enable Olim to receive their Teudat Zehut (ID card) in the Ben Gurion Airport when they land. The Interior Minister, Moshe Arbel and and the Aliyah and Absorption Minister, Ofir Sofer have reached an agreement whereby Olim can receive their Teudat Zehut at Aliyah Ministry offices throughout the country including Ben Gurion Airport and will not have to go through the Interior Ministry. 

The ministers announced that they will be taking immediate action to implement the change which will include: amending current legislation which only allows employees of the Ministry of the Interior to issue biometric Teudot Zehut, the hiring of more staff at Ben Gurion Airport to ensure that the Aliyah and Absorption office there can keep up with the demand and lastly that the cards issued in the airport will qualify as biometric ID cards and that Olim will not have to deal with the tremendous scheduling backlog that currently exists at Ministry of Interior offices throughout the country. The Interior Ministry is currently in the midst of a massive Passport Marathon to cut down the large backlog of passport requests due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result successfully scheduling an appointment has become extremely difficult. 

The agreement reflects a high level of cooperation between the two ministries and that everyone is trying their best to balance the needs of the population with what each ministry can provide with the joint goal of making each Oleh’s integration smooth and comfortable. As Minister Sofer said: “This is great news for Aliyah….”

Source: Israel National News.