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October 19, 2023
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The following government offices issue continuous updates on their services during the ongoing emergency, including but not limited to: hours of operations, guidelines etc. Given that new updates are added all the time, we recommend that you check back regularly.

Homepage in English
Wartime Updates – in English
In addition, updated information can be found on the Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) telegram channel here: @pibaIsrael. Update announcements are made in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Misrad HaKlita has expanded their hotline services and are available to take calls from Olim at *2994 from any phone or call 03-9733333  

Homepage in English  
General Essential Information for Emergencies in English
Kabalat Kahal – Office Hours in Misrad HaKlita branches nationwide – the list changes every day and whatever is posted is valid until removed. 

Security Situation Updates – In Hebrew

Due to the security situation, the Ministry of Transportation has extended the validity of vehicle and driving licenses that expire between October 7th and November 6th. Additionally, new measures have been approved to address the security situation. 

  • Vehicle Licenses: A vehicle license that expires between October 7th and November 6th will be automatically extended for 60 days.
  • Driving Licenses: A driving license that expires within the specified period will be automatically extended for 90 days.
  • Tests and Examinations: Drivers required to undergo medical tests for senior citizens will be able to complete them within 30 days after the extension period ends.
  • Driving License Suspension: Drivers whose driving licenses were or will be suspended between October 1st and January 6th, 2024, due to not completing required courses and exams, the suspension will be pushed off until April 1st, 2024, and will be renewed after the period ends.
  • New Drivers: If you have completed all your obligations and the fixed probationary period according to the new driver’s law and cannot attend a refresher course during this time period, at the end of the two years you will receive a regular driver’s license (unless severe traffic violations were registered against you during this period). New drivers required to undergo tests and examinations due to traffic violations can complete them after the probationary period ends.
  • Initial Registration of Imported Vehicles: The period for registering a vehicle imported into Israel will be extended by 90 days for vehicles with a deadline for registration between October 11th and December 31st.