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Israeli Company Signs Deal with Government to Generate Clean Energy from Waves

April 19, 2023
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An Israeli company, Eco Wave Power, which has developed technology to generate clean electricity from the movement of waves, has signed an agreement with Israel’s National Electric Company (IEC) to connect its wave-energy power plant to the national electrical grid and provide clean generated electricity to the country.

Electricity produced by the plant, located in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa port, represents the first time that wave-powered energy will be added to the national grid and provided to consumers. According to the company, wave energy alone has the potential to generate twice the amount of electricity that the world currently produces.

The company, founded in 2011, has been running a stand-alone pilot power station in the port since 2014 to test various components and in July 2022 it announced that it had run successful tests of the system. After the power purchase agreement was signed, the IEC is preparing to run a final grid synchronization test before officially connecting the power plant to the national electricity grid.

Eco Wave’s stated mission is “to build wave energy power stations to provide people with access to electricity in proximity to their housing without creating air pollution.” Given that according to the World Health Organization, around 99% of the world’s population breathers air that exceeds air quality limits, the company’s technology could literally be a life-saver. 

Eco Wave has also announced that it is moving ahead with installing its wave technology at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, and it is “believed to be the first-ever onshore wave energy station,” in the US. The company also has agreements in place in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and other countries and is moving ahead there as well.

 Source: Times of Israel.

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