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Best Inventions 2023

November 23, 2023
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Despite the darkness surrounding the war currently being fought by Israel against its enemies in the south and north of the country, it’s important to remember the amazing positive impact Israel continues to have on the world, enhancing and improving people’s lives every day.

Among TIME magazine’s “The 22 Best Inventions of 2023” list which names 200 innovations changing how people live, plus 50 special-mention inventions, a record eight of the listed products are Israeli:

Beewise’s AI-powered BeeHome 4, a hive that uses a new chemical-free heat treatment to fight off mites. The hives, available next year, boast robotic tech that monitors and optimizes conditions 24/7, reducing human labor by about 90%.

Brenmiller Energy’s bGen Zero, a battery charged by solar or wind energy. That energy gets converted into heat, which in turn heats crushed rocks for on-demand, emissions-free steam, hot water, or hot air. The bGen thermal energy storage system replaces fossil-fuel boilers at industrial manufacturing facilities.

Lumen, a handheld device that measures carbon dioxide levels in people’s breath to determine whether the body is burning more fat or carbs at any given time. Users are then advised accordingly on nutrition, exercise and rest via the connected app.

Salignostics’ Salistick, the world’s first home pregnancy test using saliva instead of urine.

UBQ Materials’ bio-based sustainable thermoplastic made by sorting, shredding and melting down residual household waste into fibers, cellulose and sugars for conversion into small pellets that can be used to make new products.

A human embryo model built at Weizmann Institute of Science from stem cells. Although clearly not human, the model is close enough to give researchers potential insights into fertility, miscarriage, and more, for the first time.

Wiliot’s tiny IoT Pixel device, placed on shipment boxes, transmits information about the box’s journey in real time and calculates the carbon footprint of shipping, storage and more, enabling companies to use the data to analyze where they could cut emissions.

Sensibo got a special mention for AirPro, which turns air conditioners or heat pumps into smart devices that uniquely save energy and improve air quality. According to the International Energy Agency, 25% of the world’s energy is consumed by HVAC, while Sensibo can reduce energy use by about 20%.

As TIME editors noted, the Best Inventions issue produces a list of 200 groundbreaking inventions that are changing how people live, work, play, and think about what’s possible. The perfect place for Israel, the startup nation, to find a home!

Source:  Israel21c