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Shivat Zion at ITIM

On September 27, 2023, members of the Shivat Zion staff met with senior staff of Itim in their offices in Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. Shivat Zion Founder/Director Shraga Evers, together with Hannah Kaminski and Mark Lehrman met with Asaf Kaniel (Director) and Yoni Yentus (Assistance Center Manager) to learn more about the various Itim departments and to discuss ways in which the two organizations could collaborate to help each other and Shivat Zion’s target audience, European and Latin American Olim. The meeting was very educational and productive and much common ground was discovered which should prove to be beneficial to both organizations. Continued cooperation and ways to work together will be pursued moving forward. Shivat Zion continues to reach out and look for organizations to team up with to enhance its support and guidance for Olim from Europe and Latin America, all with the goal of bringing more people on Aliyah and help them successfully integrate.


Event Latin American Olim

On July 30, 2023, the municipalities of Gush Etzion and Efrat, in collaboration with Shivat Zion, organized the 1st Social Event for Latin Olim of Gush Etzion and Efrat. Approximately 50 people attended the event, which took place at Oz v’Gaon and lasted for two and a half hours. It included group dynamics activities, an emotional and uplifting lecture on Aliyah and Zionism by Rabbi Eliahu Birnbaum, and a dinner. During the event, people took the opportunity to get to know each other and also learned the size and significance of the Latin community in Gush Etzion and Efrat. Attendees expressed their gratitude for the initiative, praised the event, sought information and tips regarding aspects of the klita (absorption) process, and suggested having more gatherings soon, which could include group trips, activities exclusively for Latin women, and study groups in Spanish and Portuguese.


Shivat Zion at Masa

On June 26, 2023, members of the Shivat Zion staff met with senior staff of Masa in their offices in Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem. Shivat Zion Founder/Director Shraga Evers, together with Hannah Kaminski and Mark Lehrman met with Uriel Edery (Director of Global Marketing & Sales), Yael Sahar Rubinstein (Chief Product Officer) and Andrew Dittus (Masa Community Manager) to learn more about the various Masa products and discuss ways in which the two organizations could work together to promote them and introduce potential Olim on Masa programs to Shivat Zion’s services. The discussions were very productive and much common ground was revealed which could prove to be a win-win for both organizations. Continued cooperation and ways to work together will be pursued moving forward. Shivat Zion continues to reach out and look for organizations to team up with to better enhance its support and guidance for Olim from Europe and Latin America, all with the goal of bringing more people on Aliyah and help them successfully integrate.


Shivat Zion at the Global Aliyah Center

On June 18, 2023, the Shivat Zion staff was invited to attend an in-service and information session given by the Global Aliyah Center of the Jewish Agency for Israel in their offices in Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem. Together with other Aliyah support organizations including the Moetzet Irgunei Olim, Qualita, TELFED and AACI, we learned about the various services offered by the Global Center, learned about some new regulations and gained a better understanding of how the center works, especially the pressure they are under to provide up to date and timely responses to the thousands of requests they receive, especially as Aliyah continues to increase. One of the more interesting items we learned was that the center is open six days a week from 8:00 - 22:00 in shifts and in an emergency even seven days, supporting 52 phone lines that can be accessed for free from all over the world and provides language support in English, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Overall the day helped strengthen existing relationships, fostered cooperation and enabled all of us to think about ways to improve inter-agency communication, with the overall goal to provide even better service to Olim everywhere.


Jerusalem Post: Shivat Zion - Helping Israel´s Non-English Speaking Olim

By RIVKAH LAMBERT ADLER Published: JUNE 9, 2023 19:46 Imagine you’re a Jew from the Netherlands or Portugal, Spain, Germany or Italy. You’re eligible to make aliyah, but you speak neither English nor Hebrew. The vast resources of Nefesh B’Nefesh, which was founded in 2001, are focused on the English-speaking countries, where the majority of Diaspora Jews still live, such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Additionally, during his tenure as chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky announced that aliyah would no longer be the agency’s highest priority. As a result, efforts to promote aliyah worldwide have been significantly curtailed since 2010. The reality of this one-two punch created a void for people making aliyah from Western Europe and Latin America. “We only focus on countries that don’t have a professional framework in place.” Shraga Evers

“We went into a vacuum where there is no support”, said Mark Lehrman, Shivat Zion´s task force director.

“We only focus on countries that don´t have a professional framework in place,” Evers noted.

Besides Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agency, there are other players in the aliyah field, such as the relatively newly minted Yad L’Olim, which, according to its website, helps English, Ukrainian and Russian olim “navigate the complex government bureaucracy in Israel.”

Shivat Zion cooperates with all of them to share information. “We try to cooperate with as many organizations as we can that can deliver a partial or full solution for olim with general or specific subjects. With regard to Yad L’Olim specifically, we are sending people to the medical database (Shira Pransky Project), which we see is very helpful in understanding the Israeli medical system. The issue is that it’s only in English. When it’s relevant and [the clients] speak English, we do refer.” Evers explained that there used to be local, grassroots organizations in Israel to help with absorption, but they are hardly functioning anymore.

And the organizations that promote aliyah in Western Europe and Latin America are, according to Evers, far less active than they used to be. “A lot of [older, grassroots organizations] say they are doing things [to help olim], but they are not so effective [anymore],” he said. Evers explained that, by contrast, “Israeli society is so engaged to help.

We work with youth movements because they are in every neighborhood, to get to the parents – to get volunteers for host and adoptive families.

We find a lot of willingness [to help] and not a lot of awareness of what olim go through.” Shivat Zion provides “everything they need from the moment they consider aliyah to the moment they are settled – practical issues, as well as emotional issues. We make sure people get the rights to which they are entitled. 

“It’s very important to provide support in their mother tongue,” he emphasized. Shivat Zion serves as an information hub.

Evers estimates that 10% of his organization’s efforts are spent on encouraging aliyah, and the other 90% provide language-specific information and connections to olim once they’ve begun the aliyah process.

“We start with encouraging aliyah. We bring the subject of aliyah to the minds of the Jews abroad through online marketing, making sure it stays on their mind,” Evers explained.

Making information accessible is the organization’s main goal, so once it has helped a client with a specific problem, it writes a user-friendly guide with simple text and illustrations based on the research it did, and makes it available in the six languages it supports.

Lehrman said that among Shivat Zion’s client population, there are a lot of aliyah status issues. One client who was getting very frustrated thanked Lehrman just for listening to his complicated story because “people don’t have anyone to talk to.” Shivat Zion provides “a lot of information and also responds to ad hoc needs – medical, social, governmental.”

For example, a client wanted to meet people in her new community, so Lehrman and his team found her a host family. Shivat Zion’s niche is working with small Jewish communities that no one else is serving. It’s a complicated operation, dealing with so many languages and cultures.

Nevertheless, when a question comes in, Shivat Zion strives to respond that same day or the next day, providing an answer in the client’s mother tongue. And the advice it gives is often very country specific. “Knowledge is power.

We are making the information accessible in their language. “We are trying to get people what they need, with a very high standard of personal care,” Lehrman explained. Evers raises all operating funds for Shivat Zion privately, although it is gearing up for requesting government assistance.

THE INSPIRATION for Shivat Zion came from Evers’s own aliyah experience. He grew up in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

“I grew up in a Jewish community that was becoming smaller and smaller,” he recounted. His father was a rabbi of an Orthodox synagogue.

Evers attended private Jewish schools and graduated at 16. He came to Israel, studied in Yeshivat Hakotel, and then joined the IDF and served in the Golani Brigade. After getting married, he returned to the Netherlands so his wife could complete her schooling.

By the time the couple made aliyah, they had a one-year-old daughter. Coming from the Netherlands, Evers reported, the young family got “no support whatsoever with absorption.” “Being an active Zionist, I always encouraged people to make aliyah,” he said.

His idealism was challenged from both the Right and the Left. “In Western European countries, aliyah is not spoken of. [The religious Jewish communities there] believe in building local communities.

The Left doesn’t see Israel as their homeland. People also live convenient lives abroad.” One of the biggest challenges the Shivat Zion staff faces is understanding the cultural mindset of the people they are committed to helping. Every culture presents its own challenges that have to be navigated. 

For example, Evers noted that “people from Latin America are suspicious of government services, and in their culture they don’t ask questions. [Also], there are a lot of false conversions from Italy. Our staff is learning along the way as we gain experience.”

Some olim want to shop around for answers. Some don’t tell the whole picture of their family situation. Rather, they reveal it piece by piece, further complicating Shivat Zion’s work. 

Asked about Shivat Zion’s plans for future growth, Evers preferred to focus on the present. “Our main concern is to make sure that every oleh or olah gets what he or she needs to make aliyah and stay in Israel. Our aim is to serve every country that doesn’t have support.”

Evers and Lehrman shared two cases where their help made all the difference. In one case, a prospective olah had three conversions. She applied for aliyah, and the process was stopped for reasons no one explained.

A Shivat Zion adviser discovered that the issue was that her passport was close to expiring.

“No one bothered to check on what was holding it up until we got involved,” Lehrman related.

In another case, a woman in her 60s who was alone in Israel needed major surgery urgently. She had no local family. And she was, understandably, very scared. No one properly explained to her about the surgery.

“We made sure to connect her to the hospital social worker to explain the surgery to her. We arranged for home care with the National Insurance Institute and recruited a local volunteer to help her when she returned home,” Lehrman elaborated.

“People should know there is an address where they can turn to to get the information they need in their own language. No one is doing what we’re doing,” Lehrman concluded.


Telfed News

On June 5, 2023 the Shivat Zion staff traveled to Ra’anana to spend the day meeting with and learning from the amazing team at Telfed. Telfed, celebrating its 75th birthday this year, is focused on promoting the absorption of South Africans and Australian Olim in Israel, and to support their participation in and contribution to Israeli society. As Shivat Zion continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and learning from the best in the Aliyah field helps us refine our best practices in providing legendary customer service to all the Olim we serve. The collected wisdom and dedication of the Telfed team came across in all the in-services we participated in, as we learned about the various services they provide, including Aliyah & Klita, employment advice, academic scholarships and financial support, volunteering and community building as well as social services to Olim in need. As a result of the various meetings and discussions it was agreed that Shivat Zion and Telfed will join together to cooperate and seek out new ways to raise the level of service to Olim. In addition, the personal and professional connections that were made between both staffs will be key in helping both our organizations continue to improve as we look forward to future collaborations.


Shivat Zion in Italia

Le pratiche per fare l’Aliyah, ed il percorso da seguire per una perfetta integrazione in Israele, non sono sempre semplici e facilmente comprensibili. Shivat Zion è un’associazione senza scopo di lucro che mira ad aiutare gli Olim, provenienti dai paesi europei e latino-americani, con tutte le loro necessità, sin dalle prime domande sull’Aliyah fino al momento in cui si sono stabiliti comodamente in Israele. Shivat Zion promuove l’Aliyah e sostiene gli Olim da tutti i paesi latino-americani e europei, esclusi i paesi appartenenti all’ex Unione Sovietica, Francia, Belgio e Regno Unito.


Bar Ilan University: National Youth Fair for Higher Education

On March 14, 2023, Shivat Zion participated in a Higher Education fair at Bar Ilan University, promoted by Minhal haStudentim (Israel Student Authority) in partnership with the Ministry of Absorption and its minister, Ofir Sofer, who was present as well. The purpose of the event was to disseminate and clarify the various services provided to Olim Chadashim (new immigrants) and offered lectures and assistance to olim from different countries and in multiple languages. A few hundred olim participated and the event was considered a success by all.


A Shivat-Zion fechou uma parceria com a ONG Olim do Brasil

A Shivat-Zion fechou este mês uma parceria com a ONG Olim do Brasil em prol dos olim chadashim brasileiros. Ambas organizações vêem na parceria a possibilidade de alcançar, de forma estruturada e conjunta, um maior número de olim brasileiros que precisam de orientação e apoio no processo de aliá e na adaptação à vida cotidiana em Israel. Sabendo dos desafios que a imigração apresenta, tanto no que diz respeito ao idioma, quanto à adaptação cultural e o desconhecimento de direitos e obrigações, a Shivat Zion e a Olim do Brasil oferecem informação e ajuda voluntária, além de atendimento personalizado através de WhatsApp, chamadas telefônicas e reuniões. Nesta parceria, quem ganha é o oleh!

08.02.2023, HaGalil

Shivat Zion: Neue Stiftung hilft Europäern bei der Aliyah

Nach Israel einzuwandern ist ein großer Schritt und nicht immer einfach. Viele Olim Chadaschim (Neu-Einwanderer) stoßen auf eine Vielzahl von Herausforderungen, sei es beim administrativen Aliyah-Prozess, beim Umzug, beim Aufbau ihres neuen Lebens in Israel oder bei den unzähligen bürokratischen Aufgaben, die neue Einwanderer in Israel erwartet...

Aus diesem Grund wurde Shivat Zion vor ca. einem Jahr von Shraga Evers gemeinsam mit einer Gruppe von Olim gegründet. Shivat Zion hilft Europäern, die bis anhin keine Organisation hatten, an die sie sich wenden konnten, bei sämtlichen Belangen rund um die Aliyah und Klita (Integration in Israel). Ihre Hilfe ist kostenlos und wird in 7 Sprachen angeboten: Englisch, Hebräisch, Deutsch, Holländisch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch und Italienisch.
Auf ihrer Webseite sind eine Menge Informationen über die Aliyah und Klita zu finden. Das Team steht aber auch stets zur Verfügung, persönliche Anfragen anzunehmen und rasch zu bearbeiten. Die Kontaktaufnahme ist sehr einfach und unkompliziert – und auf Deutsch: per Kontaktformular, WhatsApp oder durch das Buchen eines Telefontermins.
Ob du bereits in Israel bist und gezielte Hilfe benötigst oder zum ersten Mal über die Aliyah nachdenkst und zusätzliche Informationen wünschst, wir sind für dich da! Besuche unsere Webseite unter und/oder kontaktiere uns!

19.01.2023, Viva Israel (YouTube)


Imigrar para Israel pode ser um desafio, mas também pode ser uma das melhores decisões de sua vida. Se você está pensando em fazer sua vida no país da Terra Santa, este guia é para você. Nele, vamos mostrar passo a passo tudo o que é preciso para imigrar para Israel. Desde os documentos necessários até as etapas do processo, passando por informações sobre vistos e trâmites legais. Além disso, vamos compartilhar dicas valiosas sobre como se adaptar à vida em Israel e todas as oportunidades que o país oferece. Então, se você está pronto para começar sua nova jornada em Israel, vamos começar!

13.01.2023, Bet Magazine Mosaico

Shivat Zion: la nuova organizzazione che aiuta gli ebrei europei ad emigrare in Israele

Shivat Zion è una nuova organizzazione israeliana che facilita il trasferimento degli ebrei europei e sudamericani in Israele. Abbiamo parlato con Shraga Evers, che ha fondato Shivat Zion insieme con un gruppo di persone che si erano trasferite in Israele da sole. Ci ha raccontato dei molti ostacoli incontrati, senza trovare chi li aiutasse nei tanti problemi che stavano affrontando. Ma una volta arrivati in Israele e dopo essersi integrati, hanno usato...

la loro esperienza per aiutare gli altri olim hadashim (nuovi immigrati) che stavano attraversando la stessa situazione. Capiscono le difficoltà e le sfide di iniziare una nuova vita in Israele e vogliono renderla più facile per gli altri.
Cresciuto nei Paesi Bassi, Shraga Evers è emigrato in Israele undici anni fa. La famiglia di Shraga è sempre stata molto coinvolta nella vita delle comunità ebraiche in cui è vissuta. Dopo aver servito come Rabbino in comunità ebraiche in Olanda per 40 anni, suo padre ha ricoperto la posizione di Rabbino Capo di Düsseldorf dal 2016 al 2021.

Che cos’è esattamente Shivat Zion?
Shivat Zion è un’organizzazione che offre aiuto attivo agli immigrati, provenienti da paesi in cui non esiste un’organizzazione del genere. Gli olim possono rivolgersi a Shivat Zion per domande e problemi relativi all’immigrazione e alla vita in Israele. Siamo facilmente raggiungibili tramite WhatsApp, telefono e email, e forniamo aiuto agli olim nella loro lingua. Il servizio è fornito in 7 lingue: italiano, ebraico, spagnolo, portoghese, tedesco, olandese e inglese. Non poniamo limiti agli argomenti, abbiamo un’attenzione particolare per ogni domanda del futuro immigrato, dall’inizio del percorso fino alla sua conclusione, quando cioè si è trasferito in Israele e si sente sicuro. Tuttavia, ci sono alcune domande e preoccupazioni comuni sollevate dagli olim, per esempio sull’idoneita necessaria (chiare radici ebraiche), aiuto con i documenti, comprensione dei diritti e dei benefici, creazione di un piano di immigrazione, eventuali ostacoli burocratici, soluzioni educative, lavoro e alloggio… Prima di lanciare Shivat Zion, abbiamo condotto un’approfondita ricerca sui servizi già disponibili e su ciò che mancava. Di conseguenza, abbiamo iniziato a trovare soluzioni adeguate per colmare questa significativa lacuna. È da notare che attribuiamo grande importanza alla cooperazione con le organizzazioni esistenti. Non siamo interessati a rivoluzionare il sistema e non vogliamo ostacolare quelle già operanti, come l’Agenzia ebraica e Misrad HaKlita. Noi, invece, miriamo a offrire servizi complementari e ad agire come risorsa proattiva e facilmente accessibile per chiunque stia considerando l’immigrazione o sia in procinto di farla. Siamo qui per qualsiasi dubbio e guideremo le persone alle soluzioni, alle organizzazioni o alle persone più idonee a aiutarle.

Qual è la vostra visione? Perché avete fondato Shivat Zion?

“Shivat Zion” significa “ritorno a Sion”, e si riferisce al ritorno a Gerusalemme o in generale in Israele. Viviamo in un momento di grande opportunità. Dopo aver vissuto nella diaspora per migliaia di anni e aver perso molti dei nostri, perseguitati o assimilati, ora possiamo tornare nella Terra d’Israele. Israele è casa per gli ebrei, che siano religiosi o no. Anche se riconosciamo che spostarsi e vivere in Israele può essere difficile all’inizio, l’immigrazione è relativamente facile al giorno d’oggi. Oggi non dobbiamo affrontare molti dei problemi che gli immigrati hanno dovuto affrontare prima dell’esistenza dello Stato di Israele o nei primi decenni dalla sua fondazione. Il termine “Shivat Zion” è stato usato per la prima volta quando il popolo ebraico ha ricevuto il permesso dall’Impero Persiano di tornare in Israele dopo il loro primo esilio. Profeti come Ezra, Nechemiah e Haggai avevano grandi difficoltà a convincere il popolo ebraico ad emigrare. Grazie ai loro sforzi, molti ebrei alla fine hanno deciso di trasferirsi in Israele e ricostruire il paese.
Che tipo di aiuto offrite esattamente? E chi aiutate?
Siamo qui per aiutare per qualsiasi problema si presenti – dal momento in cui inizi a considerare l’immigrazione in Israele, fino a quando non ti sei stabilito con successo. Offriamo assistenza attraverso il nostro Helpdesk (persone loro volta già immigrati e che parlano la tua lingua), guide facili da capire, tutorial video, FAQ e fornendo soluzioni adeguate a problemi specifici. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di offrire soluzioni reali, sia in senso pratico, fornendo le informazioni e le guide giuste, sia indirizzando l’immigrato a una terza parte, organizzazione o volontario che possa fornire l’aiuto specifico di cui ha bisogno. Inoltre, aiutiamo gli immigrati a pianificare la loro vita e a creare un piano realistico che si adatti alle loro esigenze specifiche. Siamo qui per chiarire eventuali dubbi, preoccupazioni e domande, cercando di aiutarli ad integrarsi e prosperare. È importante notare che un’immigrazione di successo dipende molto dalla preparazione che dovrebbe precedere il percorso di immigrazione. Tuttavia, voglio sottolineare che ci aspettiamo che l’immigrato compia il passo finale da solo. Cerchiamo di guidarli verso la soluzione di cui hanno bisogno, fornendo loro un aiuto concreto, informazioni e soluzioni, ma alla fine non possiamo fare il lavoro per loro.
Ci sono costi per utilizzare il vostro aiuto?
Tutto il nostro supporto è fornito gratuitamente. Tuttavia, coloro che desiderano sostenere la nostra missione e ne sono in grado, sono i benvenuti per fare una donazione, poiché ci affidiamo interamente alle donazioni per sostenere il nostro lavoro. È possibile effettuarne di deducibili dalle tasse in gran parte dei paesi europei, Israele, USA, Regno Unito e Canada.
Come possono le persone contattarti e ottenere ulteriori informazioni?
Vai su e seleziona la tua lingua (per l’italiano: Puoi contattarci direttamente tramite WhatsApp o email, o prenotare un appuntamento telefonico e ti chiameremo. Se hai dei dubbi sull’idoneità, puoi compilare un modulo per verificarla. Inoltre, puoi iniziare a raccogliere informazioni sui documenti necessari e sulla vita in Israele o trovare risposte alle domande frequenti nella nostra pagina FAQ.
Ci sono persone che vorrebbero fare l’aliyah, ma i dubbi impediscono loro di farlo. Puoi fornire loro qualche parola di incoraggiamento?
Non chiudiamo gli occhi sul fatto che non è facile lasciarsi alle spalle l’ambiente familiare, la lingua e la routine quotidiana. È molto difficile per alcune persone cambiare abitudini. Inoltre, la vita in Israele è generalmente percepita come più difficile rispetto a quella nei paesi europei occidentali. Vorremmo sottolineare che è molto importante cercare di far parte di una comunità, soprattutto se si fa l’aliyah con la propria famiglia. Ricevere supporto e aiuto nella vita quotidiana è di grande importanza. Naturalmente, faremo ogni sforzo per trovare una comunità adatta per te e per consigliarti sui programmi di supporto esistenti. Nonostante tutte le sfide che richiede un trasferimento in una nuova vita e in un nuovo paese, l’aliyah è più di questo. Fare l’aliyah significa imprimere una grande svolta nella tua vita, in quella dei tuoi figli e delle generazioni future. La vita in Israele, sebbene frenetica, è anche allegra e dolce. Potresti non averla ancora assaporata, ma se sai coglierne questi aspetti, non vorrai più cambiarla per nulla al mondo! L’importante è che tu voglia davvero fare l’aliyah. Possiamo darti molte ragioni tecniche, pratiche, religiose per farla, ma alla fine, devi veramente volerlo. Come ha detto qualcuno una volta, “Se vuoi, puoi”
Aliyah: letteralmente ” salita “, termine usato per il trasferimento in Israele
Klita: integrazione in Israele
Olim: nuovi immigrati in Israele
Misrad HaKlita: Ministero dell’Integrazione


Bnei Akiva: Serata Israele con Shivat Zion

Un altro evento di successo si è svolto all'inizio di gennaio presso il campeggio invernale del Bnei Akiva Italia. I giovani hanno organizzato la "Serata Israele";la serata era suddivisa in tappe, ogni tappa rappresentava una parte di israele: TAPPA RELIGIOSA, TAPPA CHAYALIM, TAPPA STORICA, TAPPA CIBO, TAPPA MASADA, TAPPA HIGH TECH e TAPPA SHIVAT ZION. Alla serata hanno partecipato 290 adolescenti di età compresa tra i 14 e i 18 anni e i loro madrichim. Nella tappa Shivat Tzion l'attività prevedeva la visione del video-marketing ufficiale di Shivat Zion e la costruzione di un aeroplano di carta con il nostro logo, l'aereo simboleggiava l'Aliyah.
L'attività ha ricevuto feedback positivi in quanto è stata piacevole, ha coinvolto in maniera efficace sia i chanichim che i madrichim e inoltre sono state distribuite le magliette di Shivat Zion. Nel complesso, è stata una serata interessante con lo scopo raggiunto ossia di incoraggiare l'Aliyah tra i futuri potenziali olim italiani.


Shivat Zion at AMIEL webinar

On January 1, 2023, Shivat Zion joined AMIEL rabbis in the diaspora for a webinar on Aliyah and Klita. The discussion brought to light complex cases, document requirements, the importance of rabbinic and community involvement in the Aliyah process, and best practices for successful absorption.
The conference was led by Shivat Zion CEO Shraga Evers and was attended by AMIEL Institute Director Rabbi Eliahu Birnbaum and AMIEL rabbis throughout Europe. The conference highlighted key eligibility criteria under the Law of Return, as well as critical points such as necessary documents for converted Jews and the main reasons for rejection of Judaism documents by the Israeli Ministry of Interior.

24.12.2022, Un bacari suelto en Israel (YouTube)

Retornar a Israel fue como comenzar a vivir - En el Mercado de Jerusalen

Hannah Kaminski, la Directora de Servicio al Nuevo Inmigrante de la ONG "Shivat Zion" (el retorno a Sion) nos acompaño mientras hacia sus compras para el Shabbat en el Mercado mas iconico y colorido de Israel llamado Majane Iehuda. Ella es de origen Brasilero pero se hace entender a la perfeccion en español y por eso la invite a que me cuente de su experiencia y de su hermoso proyecto, el cual esta destinado a ayudar a demas personas necesitadas.

November 2022

Member of Moetzet Irgunei HaOlim in Israel

This month we were officially accepted as a member of the MIO - מועצת ארגוני עולים, the Council of Immigrant Associations in Israel. This is the umbrella organization for Olim organizations in Israel, in which all Aliyah organizations are members. The MIO is in touch with all relevant government bodies with the purpose of advocating and advancing Aliyah rights.

raawi shivat zion

21.09.2022, Raawi Jüdisches Magazin

Shivat Zion: Neue Stiftung hilft Europäern bei Auswanderung nach Israel

Shivat Zion ist eine neu gegründete Organisation aus Israel, die (potenziellen) Einwanderern aus Europa und Südamerika bei der Aliyah* hilft. Wir haben mit dem Gründer Shraga Evers gesprochen, um mehr über die Organisation und ihre Ziele zu erfahren.
Shivat Zion wurde von Shraga Evers zusammen mit einer Gruppe von Olim* gegründet, die während ihres Aliyah- und Klita*-Prozesses selbst auf zahlreiche Herausforderungen

gestoßen sind und keine Organisation gehabt haben, an welche Sie sich mit ihren Fragen und Problemen wenden konnten und echte Hilfe erhielten. Nach ihrer eigenen Aliyah haben sie selbst anderen Olim geholfen und lernten dabei viel über die neue überwältigende Realität, mit welcher sich Olim herumschlagen müssen.


Aliyah: wörtl. „Aufstieg“, Bezeichnung für Umzug nach Israel

Klita: Aufnahme/Integration in Israel

Olim: Neue Einwanderer in Israel

Misrad HaKlita: Ministerium für Integration

Shivat Zion wurde von Shraga Evers gegründet. Er wuchs in den Niederlanden auf und machte vor etwa 10 Jahren Aliyah. Shragas Familie war schon immer sehr stark in den jüdischen Gemeinden eingebunden. Nachdem sein Vater 40 Jahre lang als Rabbiner von jüdischen Gemeinden in Holland fungierte, war er von 2016-2021 Oberrabbiner von Düsseldorf.
1. Was genau ist Shivat Zion?
Shivat Zion ist eine Organisation, die proaktive Hilfe anbietet für Olim aus Ländern, in welchen keine eigene Organisation existiert, an die sich Olim mit Fragen und Problemen bezüglich Aliyah und Leben in Israel wenden können. Wir sind leicht erreichbar, sowohl per WhatsApp, per Telefon, als auch per E-Mail und helfen den Olim in ihrer eigenen Sprache. Wir versuchen den Themenbereichen, in welchen wir unsere Hilfe anbieten, keine Grenzen zu setzen. Vielmehr haben wir ein offenes Ohr für jeden Oleh mit jeglichen Fragen – vom Moment, an dem er beginnt, an Aliyah zu denken, bis er sich in Israel eingelebt hat und sich sicher fühlt.
Dennoch gibt es Fragen und Anliegen, die von den Olim wiederholt aufgebracht werden, wie etwa die Frage, ob jemand zur Aliyah berechtigt ist, Hilfe mit dem Papierkram, das Verständnis der Rechte und Vorteile, die Erstellung eines Aliyah-Plans, Erklärungen zu verschiedenen bürokratischen Hindernissen in Israel, Lösungen für Ausbildung, Arbeit und Unterkunft zu finden, u.s.w. Wir tun, was wir können, um den Olim zu helfen.
Vor der Lancierung von Shivat Zion wurde gründlich darüber recherchiert, was es zurzeit auf dem Markt gibt und was fehlt. Daraufhin haben wir begonnen, geeignete Lösungen zu finden, um diese bedeutende Lücke zu füllen. Wir möchten betonen, dass wir viel Wert auf die Zusammenarbeit mit dem, was bereits existiert, legen. Es geht uns nicht darum, das Rad neu zu erfinden. Genauso wenig stehen wir bereits bestehenden Instanzen, wie etwa der Jewish Agency, Misrad HaKlita* etc. im Weg. Wir versuchen, ergänzende Leistungen anzubieten und dabei ein proaktiver menschlicher Faktor zu sein, der leicht erreichbar ist. Wir verstehen uns als eine Art „Führer der Unschlüssigen“ für jeden, der die Aliyah in Erwägung zieht oder sich bereits im Aliyah-Prozess befindet.
Es gibt einige Länder, für welche wir unsere Dienste nicht anbieten, da diese bereits hervorragende Organisationen haben, die sich um Olim kümmern, wie etwa Qualita für französische und belgische Juden, Telfed für südafrikanische und australische Juden, Nefesh beNefesh für amerikanische Juden etc.
2. Was ist eure Vision? Warum habt ihr Shivat Zion gegründet?
„Shivat Zion“ bedeutet „Rückkehr nach Zion“, was wiederum Jerusalem oder Israel im Allgemeinen meint. Wir leben in einer großen Zeit. Nachdem wir Tausende von Jahren in der Diaspora gelebt haben und Viele unseres Volkes entweder durch Verfolgung oder Assimilierung verloren haben, können wir nun zum Land Israel zurückkehren. Israel ist eine natürliche Umgebung für einen Juden, ob er religiös ist oder nicht. Obwohl wir uns bewusst sind, dass ein Umzug im Allgemeinen und das Leben in Israel im Besonderen zu Beginn eine Herausforderung darstellen, ist die Aliyah heutzutage relativ einfach. Heute brauchen wir uns mit vielen Problemen, mit welchen sich Olim herumschlagen mussten, bevor der Staat Israel existierte oder in den ersten Jahrzehnten nach seiner Gründung, nicht auseinanderzusetzen. Der Ausdruck ,,Shivat Zion” wurde erstmals verwendet, als das jüdische Volk von Choresch die Erlaubnis erhielt, nach dem ersten Exil nach Israel einzuwandern. Propheten wie Esra, Nehemia und Chaggai hatten große Mühe, das jüdische Volk dazu zu überzeugen, nach Israel einzuwandern. Dank ihren Überzeugungsleistungen, Hilfe und Zuversicht haben schließlich viele Juden den Schritt nach Israel unternommen und das Land wiedererbaut. Wir stehen nun zum zweiten Mal an diesem Punkt des Shivat Zion, der Rückkehr zu Zion und es wurde uns versprochen, kein drittes Exil durchleben zu müssen, sodass jeder Jude mit seinem Umzug nach Israel eine Veränderung auf Ewigkeit bewirkt.
Unsere Mission ist es, andere Juden in ihrem Aliyah- und Klita-Prozess zu unterstützen und ihnen dabei zu helfen, ihr sehnlicher Wunsch, in ihr Zuhause in Israel zurückzukehren, zu erfüllen.
3. Welche Art von Hilfen bietet ihr genau an? Und wem helft ihr?
Wir halten es sehr einfach: Wir sind da, bereit bei jedem Anliegen zu helfen, das auftaucht – vom Moment, an dem Sie beginnen, an Aliyah zu denken, bis Sie sich erfolgreich in Israel eingelebt haben. Wir bieten Hilfe durch unsere Beratungsstelle (echte Menschen, die selbst Olim sind und Ihre Sprache sprechen), durch leicht verständliche Leitfäden, Video-Anleitungen und indem wir passende Lösungen für spezifische Probleme anbieten.
Unser Ziel ist es, echte Lösungen anzubieten, ob im praktischen Sinne, durch das Bereitstellen der richtigen Informationen oder durch die Weiterleitung an eine dritte Partei oder Freiwillige.
Überdies helfen wir Olim bei der Planung ihres Lebens in Israel sowie beim Erstellen eines realistischen Plans passend auf ihre spezifische Lebenssituation. Wir sind für sie da, um ihre Zweifel, Bedenken und Fragen zu klären und versuchen, ihnen dabei zu helfen, sich nach ihrer Ankunft in Israel erfolgreich einzuleben und aufzublühen.
Es ist jedoch wichtig anzumerken, dass wir vom Oleh erwarten, dass er jeweils den letzten Schritt selbst tut. Wir versuchen ihn bis zur Türschwelle zu begleiten und mit konkreter Hilfe, Informationen und Lösungen auszurüsten, aber letzten Endes können wir die Arbeit nicht für ihn erledigen.
4. Fallen irgendwelche Kosten für die Inanspruchnahme eurer Hilfen an?
Sämtliche Unterstützung ist kostenlos. Leute, die können und wollen, dürfen sich gerne mit einer Spende beteiligen, da wir vollumfänglich auf Spendengelder angewiesen sind.
5. Wie können Leute euch kontaktieren und weitere Informationen erhalten?
Gehen Sie auf und wählen Sie Ihre Sprache aus (für Deutsch:
Sie können uns direkt via WhatsApp oder E-Mail kontaktieren oder einen Telefontermin mit uns vereinbaren.
Falls Sie nicht sicher sind, ob Sie zur Aliyah berechtigt sind, können Sie das Formular zur Prüfung Ihres Aliyah-Rechts ausfüllen. Sie können selbstverständlich auch beginnen, sich selbst über die nötigen Dokumente und das Leben in Israel zu informieren oder einfach Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen auf der FAQ-Seite zu lesen.
6. Es gibt Leute, die zwar gerne Aliyah machen würden, aber ihre Zweifel halten sie davon ab. Für sie ist es schwierig, ihr bereits etabliertes und gewohntes Zuhause zu verlassen. Kannst du ihnen einige Worte mitgeben?
Wir verschließen die Augen nicht vor der Tatsache, dass es nicht leicht ist, sein gewohntes Umfeld, die Sprache und die alltägliche Routine hinter sich zu lassen. Für den Menschen ist es sehr schwierig, Gewohnheiten zu ändern. Darüber hinaus wird das Leben in Israel gemeinhin als härter wahrgenommen, als das Leben in westeuropäischen Ländern.
Wir möchten anmerken, dass es sehr wichtig ist zu versuchen, Teil einer Gemeinde zu sein, insbesondere wenn Sie Aliyah mit einer Familie machen. Unterstützung und Hilfe im Alltag zu erhalten ist von großer Bedeutung. Wir werden uns natürlich mit aller Kraft bemühen, eine passende Gemeinde für Sie zu finden und Sie über bereits bestehende Rahmenprogramme, die für Sie relevant sind, zu beraten.
Trotz allen Herausforderungen, die ein Umzug in ein neues Leben und Land mit sich bringt – Aliyah ist mehr als bloß ein Umzug. Wenn Sie Aliyah machen, bewirken Sie dadurch eine
gewaltige Veränderung für Sie, Ihre Kinder und die folgenden Generationen. Das Leben in Israel ist zwar hektisch, aber auch aufheiternd und süß. Sie haben es womöglich noch nicht gekostet, aber wenn Sie mal danach süchtig sind, werden Sie es nie wieder gegen irgendetwas auf der Welt tauschen wollen!
Die Hauptsache ist, dass Sie wirklich Aliyah machen wollen.
Wir können Ihnen viele technische, praktische, religiöse und andere Gründe nennen, warum Menschen Aliyah machen sollen. Doch schlussendlich müssen Sie die Aliyah wirklich wollen, welche Gründe sie auch dafür haben mögen. Wie jemand einst sagte: ,,Wenn ihr wollt, ist es kein Märchen…”

Shivat Zion: Facilitando a Aliá e a Klitá dos brasileiros

08/2022, Revista

Shivat Zion: Facilitando a Aliá e a Klitá dos brasileiros

A Shivat Zion é uma ONG israelense formada por consultores, contadores, advogados e voluntários judeus que uniram-se no objetivo comum de ajudar gratuitamente os olim nos processos de aliá e klitá.
Originalmente focada nos olim do norte europeu, a ONG expandiu sua abrangência para prestar auxílio também aos países da América Latina, cujos olim enfrentam dificuldades em

concluir o processo de aliá e planejar a absorção em Israel.
A maioria dos olim da América Latina faz aliá sem nunca ter visitado Israel ou saber hebraico, etes têm inúmeras dúvidas e temores e não sabem onde buscar respostas. É exatamente esta lacuna que a Shivat Zion quer preencher, primeiro escutando quais as reais necessidades do olê para então entender seu perfil e expectativas e oferecer soluções personalizadas e eficazes.
A ONG não substitui o trabalho da Agência Judaica ou dos Ministérios do Interior e da Absorção em Israel.
Todo aquele que pretende iniciar o processo de aliá do exterior deve contatar o Global Center da Agência Judaica para iniciar seu processo. Da mesma forma, os brasileiros que estão em Israel e querem fazer aliá daqui, podem contatar o Global Center ou ir diretamente ao Misrad haPnim para tanto. Nós da Shivat Zion ajudamos a simplificar, entender e viabilizar o processo, os documentos, as traduções e a entrevista desde o momento em que decidem fazer aliah até sua completa absorção em Israel.
Através do website, a ONG disponibiliza material simples e auto-explicativo Shivat Zion: Facilitando a Aliá e a Klitá dos brasileiros AliÁ sobre o processo de aliá, seus documentos e prazos estimados, dando dicas, respostas e soluções assertivas para evitar erros frequentes e atrasos.
Acreditamos que ao entender o processo de uma forma geral, o olê pode planejar-se melhor, evitar perda de tempo e gasto desnecessário de dinheiro.
A Shivat Zion oferece atendimento gratuito e personalizado em seis idiomas através de WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail e consultas telefônicas pré-agendadas no site, além de guias auto explicativos sobre diversas dúvidas comuns aos olim.
Esperamos poder atender um número cada vez maior de olim, tornando o processo de aliá e klitá suave e tranquilo e assim viabilizar o sonho de viver em Israel. Viver em Israel nunca esteve tão ao alcance como agora, e nós da Shivat Zion estamos aqui para ajudar a concretizar seu sonho.
Para solicitar os serviços, acesse o site e selecione a opção de idioma. É possível agendar chamadas telefônicas obter informações em português pelo Whatsapp/Telegram +972523481242
nieuw israelietisch weekblad

26.08.2022, Nieuw Israëlitisch Weekblad

Hulp bij alia

Het nieuwe internetplatform Shivat Zion is sinds een halfjaar actief om Joden die naar Israël willen emigreren te ondersteunen. Het platform wil in zeven talen, waaronder Nederlands, Portugees en Italiaans, de oliem kosteloos hun weg helpen vinden in de bureaucratische wirwar die Israël soms kan zijn. Volgens initiator Shraga Evers is die hulp broodnodig. Landen met grote Joodse gemeenschappen als de VS bieden die ondersteuning wel, Europese landen

vrijwel niet. Hoewel enkele organisaties basissteun leveren, zoals Irgoen Olei Holland waar het platform mee samenwerkt, blijft er op microninveau extra hulp nodig. Hoe zet je bijvoorbeeld een diploma om? Ook op minder concreet gebied probeert Shivat Zion ondersteuning te bieden aan oliem in spe. Als het gaat om twijfels en planning van hun nieuwe leven, kunnen zij terecht bij het platform.
CONIB shivat zion

27.07.2022, CONIB – Confederação Israelita do Brasil

ONG oferece suporte gratuito a judeus no processo de aliá para Israel

A Shivat Zion é uma ONG judaica, sediada em Jerusalém, que oferece assistência gratuita aos judeus da Europa e América Latina que estão em processo de aliá para Israel. A CONIB conversou com Anna Lins, responsável pelo suporte em português e espanhol, que explicou os objetivos da organização:
“A Shivat Zion é uma ONG formada por judeus que têm como objetivo ajudar os olim

(imigrantes judeus) no difícil, e por vezes confuso, processo de aliá. Ajudamos a todos que são elegíveis sob a Lei do Retorno e de acordo com as regras religiosas. Entre outras coisas, fornecemos informações de maneira prática e objetiva sobre o processo burocrático de aliá, orientamos com as opções de absorção, acompanhamos os olim em entrevistas em escritórios governamentais, como Ministério do Interior e da Absorção, e ajudamos com traduções de forma gratuita”, diz ela.
Anna explicou que o apoio também se estende às comunidades e rabinos que, por vezes, precisam de esclarecimentos sobre os requisitos legais dos documentos exigidos no processo de aliá dos membros das kehilot, como por exemplo, requisitos das cartas de judaísmo, provas de conexão entre Beit Din (Corte Rabínica) etc.
“Nosso trabalho, diz ela, não substitui o da Agência Judaica. Os olim ainda precisam iniciar o processo através do Global Center, porém, podem contar com nosso auxílio desde o início sempre que tiverem necessidade, contatando-nos em seis diferentes idiomas por e-mail ou telefone (também WhatsApp e Telegram)”.
Os serviços, segundo afirmou, são mantidos por doadores que querem incentivar a aliá de judeus e de famílias conectadas com a identidade judaica.
“Nossa equipe é composta de advogados, administradores, despachantes e voluntários que lidam diariamente com os desafios da burocracia e com a ansiedade que o processo de aliá gera naqueles que desejam começar uma nova vida em Eretz Israel”, destaca.
Para solicitar os serviços, acesse o site: e selecione a opção de idioma. É possível agendar chamadas telefônicas obter informações em português pelo Whatsapp/Telegram +972523481242
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