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Public Transportation

Tachbura Tzibburit
תחבורה ציבורית
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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There are inner-city and intercity buses. You must either have a reloadable Rav-Kav card or use one of the 4 phone apps authorized for this purpose.

You can pay for this transport with Rav-Kav, or phone app. Alternatively, you can buy a paper ticket directly at the self-service machines at the stations.

Some cities offer public transport with vans that work like buses.

You can order a taxi through GETT app, or signal for a passing taxi to stop. The value of the ride is calculated by the taximeter.

There is no Uber in Israel.

Shabbat & Holidays:

During Shabbat and on religious Holidays there is a decrease in the flow of public transport; in some cities, the buses stop altogether.