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Paying for Public Transportation

Tashlum BeTachbura Tzibburit
תשלום בתחבורה ציבורית
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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To use public transportation in Israel you must either have a reloadable Rav-Kav card or use one of the 4 phone apps authorized for this purpose.

Public Transportation Card: Rav-Kav

A personalized Rav-Kav, with your name and photo, can be obtained for free at central bus stations (Tachanah Merkazit), or at Al Hakav Information Centers across the country. See countrywide locations. Alternatively, obtaining a Rav kav can also be performed digitally on the Rav-Kav website (and the physical Rav-Kav card will be sent to you in the mail). Click here for more details.

Youth, students, disabled, senior citizens, or National Insurance beneficiaries can have their Rav Kav loaded with a special profile to receive discounted fares. Some additional documentation may be needed, see more details here.

When you scan your Rav Kav on an inner-city local bus, you are allowed to ride more than 1 bus in a 90-minute time frame for the same fee.
Children under 5 years old do not need to pay for the ride.
If you are traveling by train or tram, keep the paper receipt with you. You may be fined if an inspector asks you to present your receipt and you don’t have it.

Be mindful to always scan your Rav-Kav! Your card has been properly scanned only when you see the green light. There are inspectors on public transport, and they give fines if the scan was not completed properly.

There are 4 government-approved phone apps that can process payment for public transportation alongside their other functionalities. These apps are:

How to use your Transportation Payment App

Download and open the app on your phone and allow the phone camera.

You will need to enter your personal information.

Once you have the app set up on your phone, when you board a bus or tram (including the Jerusalem Light Rail), search for the QR code stickers on the window. Scan the QR code to pay. You may also have to select your destination station to activate the payment.

Important Note:

Unlike using Rav Kav, which is a pre-paid payment solution, these phone apps charge you for your public transportation at the end of each month, for the ending month.

When downloading these apps, you will need to connect your credit card to the app.