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Disabled Parking Permit

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Last updated: 02.07.2023
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In Israel, as in many other countries, disabled individuals with mobility challenges are entitled to receive a special parking permit for use in a vehicle granting access to marked disabled parking spots and in places where parking is not normally permitted.
  • Regular permit: Green triangle for limited mobility.
  • Wheelchair permit: Wheelchair symbol for those who require a wheelchair.
  • IDF veterans: Flower symbol for disabled veterans.

You may be eligible if you have an illness or condition causing mobility issues, difficulty walking, or confinement to your home as indicated in your medical reports.

Confirmation of disability: Obtain written confirmation from a government doctor stating your disability and the need for a vehicle.

Choose Application Method

Only Israeli citizens with a Teudat Zehut (תעודת זהות) identity card, can apply online. Click here for the government site to start the application process. Please note that you need to have an online government account to apply. Click here to see our video tutorial on how to create one.

The documents needed are listed below in step 4.


To reach more opportunities, share your CV on job search sites, with recruiters etc.

Compile the necessary documents (listed in Step 4) into a single PDF file.

Send the application and supporting documents to the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety at:

Ministry of Transport and Road Safety

The Unit for Limited Mobility – Update and Control Center

היחידה לטיפול במוגבלי ניידות במרכז עדכון ובקרה

PO Box 72, Holon 58100

Required documents for both application methods:

  • Completed application form (available here).
  • Copy of Teudat Zehut and Sefach (ספח) information attachment.
  • Copy of Rishyon Rechev (רשיון רכב) car registration certificate for up to two vehicles.
  • Copy of Rishyon Nehiga (רשיון נהיגה) driver’s license, if applicable.
  • Signed letter specifying the number of permits requested.
  • Approval from Misrad HaBriut (משרד הבריאות) Ministry of Health indicating mobility disability or 60% disability (if applicable).
  • Doctor’s letter confirming mobility disability.

In the following cases, the applicant does not need to submit all the documents but just needs to update their vehicles in the Misrad HaRishui (משרד הרישוי) vehicle licensing bureau system using their MyGov id and by clicking here.

The categories are: IDF disabled veterans, Holocaust survivors, terror attack victims, blind individuals, and cancer patients.

Call the Misrad HaTachbura Call Center (*5678) two weeks after submission to inquire about your application’s status and any missing documents.

Call center hours: Sunday-Thursday 7:00-20:00, Friday 7:00-13:00.

Request reimbursement for the reduced registration fee:

In order to receive a reimbursement, you must fill out and submit a registration fee reimbursement request.

For online, click here and follow the instructions in the box labeled: “Apply for reduced licensing fees and refunds”

By Mail: send the documents requested below, in section 6.2, to:

Unit for Disabled Persons, PO Box 72

Holon, 5810001

Please note that applications by mail will be processed within 60 days and you will not receive status updates until your application has been processed.

You will be sent an approval or rejection letter by post, or a letter if you need to submit additional documents.

Documents needed for reimbursement application:

  • Photocopy of a blank check with the name of the applicant or the parents/guardians of the eligible child to verify bank details and to receive the reimbursement.
  • Photocopy of fees paid.
  • Photocopy of the Teudat Zehut and the Sefach.
  • Photocopy of Rishyon Rechev.

Display the permit:

Place the permit inside the front windshield on the left-hand side or the left-hand side window near the front of the car.

Ensure the permit is clearly visible to law enforcement officers.

Usage rules:

The permit is valid for a four-year period.

Only the disabled individual can use the parking permit, either as a driver or passenger.

Do not use the permit if the disabled individual is not in the vehicle (fine up to 13,000 NIS).

If you sell your car, contact Misrad Harishui to transfer ownership.

Important note: Remember to renew your permit before it expires!