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Conversion of Driver's License

Hamarat Rishyon Nehiga
המרת רישיון נהיגה
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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If you can prove that you had a valid foreign driver’s license for 5 consecutive years immediately prior to your Aliyah, you are eligible to convert your driver’s license without having to take any exams.

What You Will Need:

You need to bring your Teudat Zehut and Teudat Oleh.

In addition to your foreign driver’s license, you also need a copy (front and back) of it.

You need proof of possessing a foreign license for 5 consecutive years immediately prior to your Aliyah. This might be the issue date on your license.

Steps to Take:

Apply online by filling out the form known as “Tofes Yarok”. Find the form here. (The form is in Hebrew only)

Only specific opticians are licensed to perform the eye examination. Find a list here. The optician will also take the picture for your future license. The eye exam costs around 50 NIS.

Schedule an appointment with the ministry of transportation by clicking here.
Bring with you all the required documents which are mentioned above (“What you will need”).

Your temporary license is NOT valid until you have paid. You can pay over the phone by dialling *5678, at the post office, or online.

Important Note:

When you go to the optician, don’t forget to bring your glasses or contact lenses (if relevant).

The temporary license will be valid for 6 months. Within 2-3 months of issuing your temporary license you will be mailed your permanent driver’s license.

Find the nearest office by consulting the following list.