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Confirmation of Aliyah Eligibility

Ishur Chok HaShvut
אישור חוק השבות
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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In order to register children born abroad to an Israeli father and a Jewish mother as Israelis, the Israeli Consulate might require the presentation of a document called “Ishur Chok HaShvut” through which the children’s eligibility for Aliya is declared. The process of obtaining that confirmation must be conducted by the children’s mother.

What You Will Need:

You will need your original birth certificate.

If you are married, your civil marriage certificate is needed (not a Ketuba).

You will need your passport.

As the mother, a letter stating that you are Jewish is required. This letter must meet strict conditions that are explained here.

You might be asked to present the father’s Israeli ID (Teudat Zehut) together with his Sefach (Appendix of his ID). Best to bring it just in case.

You might need the children’s passport, so bring them too.

Steps to Take:

Call the Jewish Agency and answer preliminary questions about the family’s eligibility for Aliya. You can find the phone number for your country/city here.

The Jewish Agency will send you a request, via email, to open a casefile with them. Click on the link in the email and provide the requested additional information about your family.

You will be asked to pay a fee for the process, equal to the amount for Aliyah of one person. In addition, you will also be requested to scan and upload all the above original documents into your case-file. After scanning the original documents, you will need to send all the original documents (A – F) to the Jewish Agency representative in regular mail.

The submitted original documents will be verified by the Jewish Agency. Afterwards, an interview with the family will be scheduled.

After the evaluation of the Shaliach (emissary), the eligibility department of the Jewish Agency will issue their approval and you will receive the “Ishur Chok HaShvut” document. Once this document is obtained, your children can be registered as Israelis.

Important Note:

All original documents are required