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ARLI - Renouncing Israeli Citizenship

Hatzharat ARLI
הצהרת ארל"י
Last updated: 13.06.2024
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Olim can decide to renounce their Israeli citizenship for different reasons. Renouncing Israeli citizenship is called “declaring ARLI” – “Aino Rozeh Lehiyot Yisraeli, which transliterated means “I do not want to be Israeli”.

Check below for important information about the procedure and deadline.


ARLI can only be declared by a person over 18 years old who made Aliyah or is a foreign resident.

One declaration may include the whole family with underage children born outside Israel (it is best to have both parents present).

Olim Chadashim must submit the declaration in person to Misrad haPnim.

What You Will Need:

Teudat Zehut or the official document you used to enter Israel.

The completed and unsigned ARLI declaration

Foreign passports of all the people included in the declaration. The passports must contain the Aliyah visas (even if the passports themselves have expired).

Steps to Take:

Present your documents to the clerk at Misrad haPnim.

The clerk may suggest you seek extra legal counsel regarding the ramifications of ARLI for your other nationality.

Sign the paper validating this issue with your name and Teudat Zehut number.
Your declaration will the be checked, processed, and placed in your file.

Olim have a guaranteed right to declare ARLI up to three months from their Aliyah date.

After this deadline cancellation is only possible in exceptional cases

Important Note:

If one of the parents of children under 18 cannot be present, additional consent or other official documents will be required. Contact us for further assistance if this is the case.

Make sure to fill out the declaration correctly. Submitting inaccurate information on an ARLI form may jeopardize your other nationality.

If you change your mind, you need to submit an official request within the 3-month period mentioned above.

If there is no available appointment at the Misrad haPnim within three months from the date of Aliyah, the Oleh should go to Misrad HaPnim with the previously mentioned documents in hand to explain the urgency of the situation.