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IDF First Draft Notice

Tzav Rishon
צו ראשון
Last updated: 22.05.2023
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Tzav Rishon (צו ראשון), is the first draft notice to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), also called Tzahal (צה”ל). Olim Chadashim usually receive the Tzav Rishon at their home address. Once you receive it, you are officially considered a candidate for the IDF, a Malshab (מלש”ב).
  1. The time and date you need to report to the Lishkat Hagiyus (לשכת הגיוס), the IDF Recruitment Office .
  2. A personal code for your account on the IDF website.
  3. An information brochure.
  4. A medical questionnaire that you need to fill in with your doctor.
  5. Public transportation vouchers that allow you to travel to your designated recruitment office for free.
  1. Make an appointment with your family doctor through your Kupat Cholim (HMO) and bring the forms you received from the IDF to the appointment.
    The doctor will fill in the She´elon Refu´i Tzav Rishon (שאלון רפואי צו ראשון), the medical questionnaire for the Tzav Rishon, and sign it.
  2. The doctor will give you a Hafnaya (הפניה), a referral, for a urine test.
    Note: The She’elon Refu’i and the urine test results are only valid for up to 3 months before you report to the Lishkat HaGiyus.
  3. Print the results and also save them in digital form (or take a clear picture on your phone). You will need both versions.
  4. Make an appointment with an Rofe Einayim (רופא עיניים), an eye doctor, (not an optometrist) through your Kupat Cholim.
    Bring the appropriate forms you received from the IDF to the Rofeh Einayim appointment.
    The doctor will fill in the appropriate part of the IDF form.
  5. Log into your personal zone in the IDF website using the password you received with the IDF letter, and fill in the required information.
    Note: In your personal zone, you will also be asked to insert medical information. Some of the questions may be the same as those on the paper form provided by your doctor. Please note that the online form must be filled out in addition to the physical form from your doctor.
  6. Upload a digital version of all the above documents into your personal zone on the IDF website.
  7. Keep all your paper documents together in an organized manner. You will need to bring them physically when you report to the Lishkat Giyus.
    Tip: All your documents should be uploaded up to 2 weeks before your appearance date at the IDF recruitment office.