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Emergency Resources: Information & Links

Sherutei Cheirum
שירותי חירום
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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Security / Criminal Emergency

Note: call the Police for any situation where you feel unsafe, including to report a crime or if you notice an abandoned object in a public place (bags, suitcases, baby carriages etc.) which could be used to hide an explosive or people acting suspiciously etc.

Medical Emergency and Ambulance

Note: it is also recommended to download the MADA app on your mobile phone, enter your contact details and authorize access to your device. You can contact MADA for any medical emergency including serious traffic accidents etc. Click here for the link.

call 1221

Note: you can contact the Fire & Rescue authority for any fire-related emergency or help with a complicated rescue situation.

Note: you can contact the Electric company for any problems with your electricity supply or electrical hazards. 24/7

Pikud Ha’Oref is responsible for direction and guidance in times of a national emergency such as rocket/missile attacks and earthquakes. Click here for the link.

Note: this hotline is designed for the reporting of any harm or threats to children in cyberspace including criminal acts, gambling targeting children, cyber bullying, sexual abuse etc. etc. Click here for the link.

Note: to report issues regarding municipal maintenance, potholes, fallen trees, broken street lamps, wild dogs/animals etc.

24 Hour Poison Control Hotline: 04-777-1900 

Kupot Cholim - HMOs / Health Funds

  • Clalit – call *2700
  • Leumit – call *507 or *6962
  • Maccabi – call *3555
  • Meuhedet – call *3833

Note: found in every municipal region, all Revacha offices have reception hours. No appointment is necessary. Click here for the link.

A citizen’s advice bureau found in most cities throughout Israel offering a wide range of free services. Site in Hebrew only. Click here for the link.

Terem is a network of urgent care centers found in several cities throughout Israel that provides emergency medical care for a fee. If Terem cannot deal with the issue, they will send you to the Cheder Miyun (חדר מיון) emergency room, with a Hafnaya (הפניה) – referral letter. Click here for the link.

Medical equipment lending and many other services, available throughout the country. Click here for the link.

Free emergency road-side auto assistance 24/7. Click here for the link.