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Job Search Preparation

Hachana LeShuk Ha'Avoda
הכנה לשוק העבודה
Last updated: 02.07.2023
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Large cities offer more diversified jobs than less populated cities. Check the job offers that match your experience in advance while considering commuting time and working conditions. Contact us for help with any of the steps below, we’d be happy to help you and to discuss your options based on your personal situation.

What You Will Need:

You need your diplomas and records in English including your grades and subjects that you studied. How to validate your diplomas and certificates depends on the occupational field (e.g. medicine, law, accounting, etc.). Contact us for more details.

Prepare your CV and cover letter in all languages relevant for your job search.

You need to be reachable when looking for a job. Make sure to have an Israeli SIM card.

Steps to Take:

Besides regular job websites, there are many Facebook and WhatsApp groups with job offers.

To reach more opportunities, share your CV on job search sites, with recruiters etc.

There are several organizations as well as companies helping Olim in their job search and preparing them for the Israeli market and interviews, either for free or for a basic fee. Contact us, and based on your profile and needs we’ll refer you to the relevant organization.