Shivat Zion

Recommendations for Online Conduct

During times of war and distress, it is our duty to actively reduce our exposure to and refrain from sharing inappropriate or unverified messages and videos.

Here are some constructive steps you can take to contribute to a more informed and secure online environment:

  • Only rely on officially verified Israeli sources such as Pikud HaOref (the Home Front Command), the Israeli Police, the Official IDF Spokesperson, and Israeli government websites for updates.
  • Follow the official social media channels of Israeli news outlets or reputable journalists, avoiding anonymous groups or unknown profiles.
  • Refrain from forwarding messages or videos of unknown origin within WhatsApp or Telegram groups.
    Utilize local Israeli fact-checking initiatives like FakeReporter on Facebook and Twitter. While most of the information is in Hebrew, the translation feature on these platforms can assist in understanding the content better.

The Israeli Internet Association (ISOC-IL) in collaboration with FakeReporter has established hotlines to report concerning content:

  • If you encounter fake news, conspiracy theories, violent imagery, etc., you can reach out to FakeReporter through Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp at 052-5862977. The English website also provides an online form for reporting fake news.
  • Contact the Israeli Internet Association assistance hotline via WhatsApp at 054-8858911.
  • When making contact, include a link to the suspicious or offensive content and provide as many details as possible.
  • If you come across fake or violent posts or videos on social media – it is important to report them. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, have reporting mechanisms in place. Typically, you can locate the ‘report’ option, usually represented by three dots (…) or a specific ‘report’ button. When reporting, be sure to specify the reason for your report, such as terrorism, hate speech, false information, or violence.”

By following these steps, we can collectively work to ensure that our online interactions are grounded in verified and trustworthy information, creating a safer and more informed digital space during these trying times.