Shivat Zion

Klita | Preparing and planning your life in Israel

At the moment you start your Aliyah process you should also start your ‘Klita’-plan, meaning planning your life in Israel. We can help you build and review your plan, as well as direct you to solutions to make your life in Israel a success, including explaining your rights and benefits and how to utilize them.
A number of subjects are especially important to include in your Klita-Plan:
  • Employment
  • Finding a community that suits you
  • Finding suitable education 
  • Learning the language 
Depending on your status, age and other parameters you might be able to take part in a specific program for the first 3-12 months of your stay in Israel. When we will discuss your Klita plan we will go over the relevant options for you.
Our Guides on Planning Your Move cover a variety of subjects you should think of from the moment you consider Aliyah until you successfully integrate. Please reach out and connect with us for help in creating a tailored and detailed Klita plan.