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Klita | Preparing and planning your life in Israel

Klita means “integration” or “absorption”. Making Aliyah and arriving in Israel is one BIG step. However, getting used to Israel and arranging your life in Israel is another even BIGGER and more exciting step. Come to Israel with an open mind and be ready to accept different cultures, a totally different reality and new ways of dealing with daily issues. It might be bumpy in the beginning, but it has many great aspects to it and even the difficult ones, you’ll eventually come to love. We are here to help you whenever you feel the need!
At the moment you start your Aliyah process you should also start your ‘Klita’-plan, meaning planning your life in Israel. Go to Your Klita Plan to learn more. We can help you build and review your plan, as well as direct you to solutions to make your life in Israel a success. We will also explain  more about your rights and benefits.
Go to First steps in Israel to learn more about the first things you will have to take care of after your arrival as well as subjects you should think about as you design your Klita plan.
If you have already made Aliyah, please fill out the Post Aliyah/Klita form below to get in touch with us.

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