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Your Jewish Roots and Jewish Studies | Jewish Identity

Jewish Roots and Genealogy

The Israeli Law of Return gives all Jews the right to immigrate and settle in Israel and obtain Israeli citizenship.

Because your Jewish roots determine whether you will be eligible to make Aliyah, it’s important to prove your Jewish roots in an unequivocal way. In some cases, people know they’re Jewish but have never had to validate their origins; others may only discover their Judaism at a later stage in life. It might also happen that a person with a strong Jewish identity, who leads a Jewish life day-by-day, will still have difficulty and hardship proving his Jewish roots.

With our experience, knowledge, and network, we can help trace your roots, find leads, and a paper-trail, to enable you to fulfill your dream of joining the Jewish People in the Land of Israel.

The fact that someone is unable to prove their Jewish roots doesn’t mean they’re not Jewish, nor does it say anything about one’s Jewish Identity. One can feel very Jewish – and even live a Jewish life – without being able to prove their Jewish lineage.

Jewish Studies

Living many years in the diaspora, you might feel that your Jewish identity and experience are dwindling. Perhaps you have never really developed your Jewish self, or you only recently discovered your Jewish roots altogether.

Many people who belong to the Jewish people or have Jewish roots have a strong desire to learn more about Judaism and Jewish life. In Israel, many institutions exist that have in-depth, qualitative, very valuable programs you can join that offer a good answer to this inner desire.

The Jewish sages have already stated that “Just like their faces are different (from each other), their opinions and views differ”. Many different institutions and styles exist. Depending on your wishes, world of values, views, etc. we’d be delighted to help you find a program, course, or appropriate study program to deepen your Jewish identity and experience.