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First Visit At Misrad Haklita

פגישה ראשונה במשרד הקליטה

K2101 / Version 4 / 02.07.2023 / English

At the Misrad HaKlita (Ministry of Immigration & Absorption) you will meet your personal counselor who will assist you during your first years in Israel.

What you will need

Take your foreign passort and Teudat Oleh with you.

Bring your bank account details including a verification from the bank of opening the account and of the first deposit.

The step by step process

Schedule an appointment at the Misrad HaKlita. To book an appointment online click here.

Your counselor will provide you with a lot of information regarding your rights and benefits. You will start to receive the Sal Klita payments and get a voucher for an ulpan.