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Aliyah as Ezrach Oleh - Documents

עלייה כאזרח עולה

A1102 / Version 4 / 02.07.2023 / English

If you were born outside of Israel to an Israeli father or mother (who held Israeli citizenship at the time of your birth), you have a special status called Ezrach Oleh. This is the list of documents that are required for an Ezrach Oleh in order to make Aliyah.

What you will need

This document cannot be replaced by a marriage certificate or other proofs of identity. You can find more information on the apostille here.

If you were married more than once, you need to send all the civil certificates (not replaceable by the Ketubah or by the divorce decree). If you changed your name, you also need a certificate of change of name with apostille.

Your Israeli passport as well as the passport of your second citizenship (if applicable) must be valid for at least another year.

You must submit a letter stating your eligibility status and including the legal names of both parents. This letter must meet strict conditions. If you converted to Judaism, you must send the conversion documents. You can find more details here.

As an Ezrach Oleh you must fill out and sign the following statement (only in Hebrew).

You have to prove that you resided outside of Israel during the last 7 years, such as a certificate of residence, a valid foreign passport, school documents or other proofs.

The step by step process


  • Collect all the documents, make sure they are complete and upload them to your Aliyah portal. If you are already in Israel, you need to bring the original documents to Misrad HaPnim.

Important Notes

Marital Status

  • The State of Israel recognizes only 4 marital statuses: single, married, divorced, widowed. If your status is different, you need to check how it might influence the Aliyah process and benefits.

Additional Documents

  • Additional documents may be required.