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Business Advice | Israel, abroad and in between

Doing business in a new country can be challenging. At Shivat Zion Business division, we can assist you with a wide range of business-related subjects, legal issues and financial planning – relating to your personal or business needs – before and after your Aliyah to Israel.

Legal & Notarial Services

  • Estate and inheritance planning and handling
  • Notary and legal services
  • Government permits and licenses, advice and application

Real Estate

  • Real estate acquisition/sale in Israel
  • Real estate acquisition/or sale in Israel with exemption of purchase tax
  • Property and project management in Israel
  • Architectural advice
  • Property planning, permits application, construction projects management


  • Investment advice, fundraising from private investors and companies
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Loans and mortgages

Project Management

  • Opening a new business in Israel
  • Moving your existing business to Israel from abroad
  • Managing your overseas business from Israel

Accounting & Taxes

  • Financial planning and advice
  • General tax advice
  • Specialist advice regarding the 10 year tax-cut for new Olim
  • Reporting and auditing for Israeli and foreign authorities

Charity & Non Profit

  • Charitable giving, planning and management
  • Grant monitoring and audits at receiving institutions
  • Establishing charitable structure and non-profit status (depending on country)
  • Advise and implementation of Marketing and Fundraising strategies
We cooperate with many professionals, both in Israel and abroad. We are confident that we can find a suitable solution to your business-oriented requirements. After understanding your needs, we will either provide you the solution ourselves or refer you to a trusted partner in our Israeli network (or in the relevant country) ensuring you are assisted by a credible, licensed, trustworthy, and reasonably-priced professional who has the answer to your questions. Our broad network of professionals includes lawyers, accountants, notaries, tax advisors, investment managers, real estate managers and brokers, architects, project managers, experts with regards to government regulations, experts in the banking sector, and more.

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Please note that unlike regular Aliyah guidance which is free of charge, business advice and support (including referral to a third party, company or consultant) is charged with a fee which will be communicated to you after we learn more about your needs. You will receive an invoice for this service, as is not part of the non-profit services provided by Shivat Zion!