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As an Oleh Chadash, it’s natural that you may not know whom to contact in emergency situations. Therefore, we put together this guide to get you acquainted with emergency services and situations in Israel.

Dial 100: Police

If you need to call the police for any reason, or to report a crime.

Dial 101: Medical Emergency

Regardless of an imminent medical emergency, we suggest you download the MADA app on your mobile phone (Magen David Adom, Israel’s National Emergency Pre-Hospital Medical Service Organization), enter your contact details, and authorize access to your device. Alternatively, memorize the direct emergency number 101 for MADA in your phone contacts list.

In case of a medical emergency, your first course of action should be to call MADA or open the MADA app and ask for help.

Dial 100: Terrorist Attack or Suspicious Situations

If you notice abandoned objects (bags, suitcases, bags, baby carriages) or suspicious people and there is no police or security authority nearby, you can call the police by dialing 100 and report.

Dial 101: Traffic Accident

If there is a serious accident with victims, call 101 or request help through the MADA app.

Dial 102: National Fire and Rescue Authority

Call for help with fire-related emergencies, or assistance with complicated rescues.

Dial 103: Israel Electric Company

Call to report a disturbance in the electricity supply or report an electrical hazard.

Dial 104: Home Front Command (HTC)

This is the branch of the IDF responsible for Emergency Preparedness in case of rockets and missile attacks, earthquakes, extreme weather storms, etc. The HFC can be contacted by dialing 104 or on their English website here:

Dial 105: Child Online Protective Bureau Hotline

A unique hotline to report any harm to children in cyberspace, including criminal acts committed online (threats, gambling, impersonations), distress and suicidal thought, online sexual abuse, cyberbullying (shaming, exclusion, ostracism), and more. Dial 105 if you need to report harm to a child or go to their English website here:

Dial 106: Municipal Hotline (no matter which city)

If you need to report a local occurrence, that pertains to something in your city (such as a fallen tree, a hole in the road, or a need for garbage cleaning), call 106.

Dial *3201: Emotional First Aid Hotline (dial * before the number)

For psychological, emotional, and post-trauma support, you can call this volunteer organization, and speak to someone anonymously. This hotline has representatives who speak English, Spanish, French, and Russian. To speak to someone in Hebrew Dial 1201 (without the star).

For English call directly at 04-7702651.

For Spanish call directly at 04-7702649.

Emergency help for victims of sexual violence

1202 (for women)

1203 (for men)

026730002 (for religious women)

025328000 (for religious men)

WhatsApp (for all victims) 0528361202

Dial 1230: Yedidim

If you need help with a flat tire, keys locked inside the car, need to electrically jump-start the car battery, are stuck on the road without gas/petrol and need assistance, or are stuck in an elevator you can call Yedidim (“friends”). This is an Israeli volunteer organization that gives service throughout the country with non-medical emergencies. When you call Yedidim, they will ask you what your need is, where you are located in the country – even stuck on a remote highway! – and they will dispatch the nearest volunteer to help you with your issue.

This is a free service!

What to do in case of a dog bite?

In addition to getting emergency medical attention, if you are a victim of a dog attack, you must find out if the dog is a domestic dog or a stray.

If the dog is a domestic animal, the dog owner must present the dog’s vaccination card, so that you can receive the appropriate medical treatment.

If the dog is not vaccinated, or it is a stray dog – you must report to a Ministry of Health office and follow the appropriate vaccination procedures.

In addition, you should inform the local municipality (dial 106 in any city) of the attack so they can take further municipal action against the stray dog (if applicable).

Contact us if you have any doubt!