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MISGEROT HACHINUCH – מסגרות החינוך


The educational system differs in every country. We are providing an overview of the educational frameworks in order for you to know where to register your children.

Pre-School Education:

Ages 0-3: Day Care Center

Day Care Centers are operated by women’s organizations, community centers and frameworks under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services. Mishpachtonim (day care in a private home) or caretakers might be a solution as well. Day Care Centers working under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services differ from privately operated Mishpachtonim in the following ways:

Day Care Centers are subject to supervision and strict regulations.

Depending on your personal economic situation and in case both parents are working, it’s possible to receive a subsidy for Day Care Centers.

Ages 3-5: Pre-Kindergarten

Nursery Schools and pre-kindergartens are operated by Misrad HaChinuch and are free of charge. Some nursery schools also include pre-kindergarten activities that help children prepare for compulsory kindergarten.

School Education:

Ages 5-6: Kindergarten

Kindergarten (gan chova) is compulsory for every child.

Ages 6-12: Primary School

Children attend primary school from grade 1-6.

Ages 12-15: Junior High School

Junior high school/middle school covers grades 7-9.

Ages 15-18: High School

High school covers grades 10-12.

Important Notes: 


Parents must register their children for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primary school and junior high school via the local authority and according to their place of residence. For high school, students can register directly at school.

Afternoon Care

The free education occupies the 3-6 years old children up until 14:00. Parents that want to add the afternoon framework (Tsaharon, in most places until 16:30 including a warm lunch) can do so and apply for a discount at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services. Based on their personal and economic situation parents might get a discount. For this, it is crucial that both parents work.