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מסמכים לעלייה

There are a number of documents required in order to make Aliyah. Please read the following instructions carefully and prepare the documents exactly as explained.

What You Will Need:

A. Birth Certificate with Apostille

This document cannot be replaced by a marriage certificate or other proofs of identity. You can find more information on the apostille here.

B. Marriage/Divorce/Death Certificate with Apostille

If you were married more than once, you need to send all the civil certificates (not replaceable by the Ketubah or by the Judicial Sentence of Divorce).

C. Passport

The passport must be valid for at least another 2 years. If you have more than one citizenship, you need to check with the Jewish Agency which one to use.

D. Criminal Record

You need a Federal Police Criminal Records Certificate issued by the Federal Authority of every country where you resided for more than one year after the age of 18. You can find more information here.

E. Proof of Judaism

You must submit a letter stating your eligibility status. This letter must meet strict conditions that are explained here.

The Process Step by Step:

1. Submission

Collect all the documents, make sure they are complete and upload them to your Aliyah portal. Don’t forget to send an email or to call the Jewish Agency to inform them that you completed the submission.

Important Notes:


If you converted to Judaism, additional documents are required. Learn more here.

Marital Status

The State of Israel recognizes only 4 marital statuses: single, married, divorced, widowed. If your status is different, you need to check how it might influence the Aliyah process and benefits.

Additional Documents

If you have Israeli parents or previously lived in Israel, additional documents are required. For more details, please contact us.

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