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שינוי מעמד מתייר לעולה

If you are making Aliyah from within Israel, you are basically changing your status from a tourist to an oleh chadash. The procedure is different from making Aliyah from abroad. So if you are already in Israel and want to make Aliyah, follow the instructions below.

What You Will Need:

A. Photo

The photo can only include your face on a white background.

B. Passport

Make sure your passport is valid for at least another year.

C. Entry Visa

You need your entry visa to Israel.

D. Proof of Judaism

An original letter (digital versions or signatures are not accepted), stating your eligibility status, is required. The letter must be written in Hebrew and meet strict conditions. More details you can find here.

E. Birth Certificate with Apostille

More details on the apostille you can find here.

F. Criminal Record with Apostille

More details on the criminal record you can find here. In case of a change of status, you also need a criminal record from all countries whose nationality you have, even if you have never lived there!

G. Civil Status Certificate with Apostille

You need the marriage/divorce/death certificate of your spouse with apostille. If you were married more than once, you have to submit all certificates. More details on the apostille you can find here.

H. Forms from Misrad HaPnim

The forms have to be completed in Hebrew and remain unsigned.

The Process Step by Step:

1. Contact the Jewish Agency

Call the Jewish Agency’s Global Center at 0800 891 8023 and open your file. You will then receive the list of documents and forms needed to begin your Aliyah process.

2. Documents Submission

Send all the above mentioned documents to the Jewish Agency’s Global Center by email. Make sure that documents are legible and in PDF format.

3. Additional Information

In addition to the required documents, you need to provide the information below:

  • Full name and birth date of your parents
  • Your full current address and phone number

4. Interview

The Jewish Agency will send an interview request to Misrad HaPnim on your behalf. The interview will be done by a representative of Misrad HaPnim. You must bring all original documents to the interview!

5. Aliyah Approval and ID

After passing the interview, you either proceed to have your biometric ID created immediately, or the Jewish Agency will arrange that for you by making another appointment.

Important Notes:

Only for Olim

This process applies only to those becoming olim chadashim. If you have a special status (e.g. ezrach oleh or katin chozer), a different procedure will apply.

Additional Documents

Additional documents might be required depending on your personal situation and the city where you will be interviewed.

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