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הטבות לעולים חדשים

In order to facilitate the absorption of new immigrants, the State of Israel grants certain benefits. The granting of the benefits varies depending on the Oleh’s status, past, age and family situation. You can find here a general guideline on eligibility and valid time period of the benefits. Note: This is not a guarantee that you will receive the benefits. Each case is considered individually by Misrad HaKlita.

For more details about who is eligible for the benefits and how long they are valid, click here.


1. Flight Ticket

The free one-way flight ticket to Israel only applies to the Aliyah flight. If you booked and paid for your own ticket, you will not get a refund.

2. SIM Card

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will get a temporary Israeli SIM card with free minutes to call and internet data allowance.

3. Transportation from the Airport

If you arranged it in advance with the Jewish Agency, a taxi to your first residence will be waiting for you free of charge.

4. Financial Assistance (Sal Klita)

The Sal Klita is paid in 6 monthly payments to your Israeli bank account. Olim Chadashim and Ezrachim Olim will get their first portion partly as an initial cash payment upon their arrival at the airport, partly wired to their Israeli bank account. A Katin Chozer or someone who received shinui status won’t receive the first payment at the airport, but they get all the payments via bank transfer.

The amount varies based on several factors, such as age and family status. You can calculate here how much you will probably get.

You are eligibile for the Sal Klita if you:

  • spent less than 24 (consecutive or cumulative) months in Israel within 3 years prior to your Aliyah
  • spent less than 3 years in Israel within 7 years prior to your Aliyah

A Katin Chozer gets the Sal Klita only if he spent less than 1 year in Israel prior to the Aliyah (exceptions may be made for recognized study programs).

The payments are made between the 1st and 15th day of the month. If you leave Israel, the payments will be stopped. After you return to Israel, the payments will automatically continue. If you return to Israel more than 1 year after your Aliyah, you won’t receive Sal Klita payments anymore.

5. Basic Health Insurance

During the first 6 months after Aliyah, you will get the basic health insurance, provided by an HMO of your choice, free of charge. More details about HMOs in Israel you can find here.

This benefit applies to those without income. If you are unemployed after the first 6 months and receive income support from Misrad HaKlita (Dmei Kiyum), you can get the health care for an additional 6 months for free. For this you must notify Bituach Leumi.

6. Hebrew Ulpan

Adult Olim receive a Hebrew language course for free. All public Ulpans, as well as certain private Ulpans, are fully funded by the government. The address on your Teudat Zehut determines the area where you are eligibile for the Ulpan. The first Ulpan must be attended within 18 months after Aliyah. In order to receive full reimbursment, you must attend at least 80% of the lessons. To get a certificate at the end of the course, you must take the final exam. There is an option for a second Ulpan within 10 years after Aliyah, only one of the two can be a private Ulpan though. For more details click here and/or contact us. Children in grades 1 through 12 can receive additional Hebrew lessons in the first year after Aliyah.

7. Merkaz Klita

Upon request, Olim up to 55 years old might be entitled to temporary residence in an absorption center (Merkaz Klita) paying far below the market for up to 6 months. If a Katin Chozer or Ezrach Oleh makes Aliyah from Israel, he probably can’t go to a Merkaz Klita. Olim Chadashim who make shinui status can check their right for Merkaz Klita directly with Misrad HaKlita.

8. Aliyah Program for Young Olim

In the first 5 months, young Olim (18-35 years old) might be eligible to participate in an Aliyah program such as Hebrew courses in a Kibbutz or city, preparation for university studies, guidance for employment or preparation for recruitment into the IDF. To get an idea of programs/costs, click here.

In case of shinui status, check the eligibility with Misrad Haklita.

9. Local Property Tax Discount

Whether you rent or own a property, you must pay Arnona (local property tax). There usually is a discount for Olim of 70-90% (for up to 100 sqm.). This benefit can be used for 12 months within the first 2 years after Aliyah.

10. Customs Benefits

You can bring 3 shipments of appliances and household goods, tax-free to Israel. These benefits apply up to 3 years after Aliyah. Extensions are granted in exceptional cases, such as military service, full-time study or a 6-months-stay abroad. If you are a former A1 temporary resident, you first need to open a file with the Customs Authority in order to clarify your status. Don’t bring in any shipments before that clarification.

11. Income Tax Break

There is a tax discount on income earned in Israel in the first 3.5-4.5 years after Aliyah. In Israel the tax reduction is determined by a point system. The discount changes over time as follows:

Olim who came on Aliyah after 1.1.2022 receive tax discounts for 4.5 years from the date of Aliyah:

First 1 year: 1 point

1 – 2.5 years: 3 points

2.5 – 3.5 years: 2 points

3.5 – 4.5 years: 1 point

Olim who came on Aliyah before 1.1.2022 receive tax discounts for 3.5 years from the date of Aliyah:

First 1.5 years: 3 points

1.5 – 2.5 years: 2 points

2.5 – 3.5 years: 1 point

12. Car Tax Discount

There is a reduced tax rate if you buy a new car in Israel or import a car from abroad. Consider the following conditions:

  • The benefit is valid for 3 years
  • You need a valid foreign driver’s license issued at least 3 months prior to Aliyah
  • You need a valid Israeli driver’s license
  • It applies only to buying a new car
  • You are not allowed to sell the car for 5 years (unless you sell it to another Oleh)
  • Only you and your spouse can drive the car

Importing a car is a complex process. Check all the rules, regulations and costs in order to evaluate if it’s worthwhile.

13. Foreign Income Tax Break

If you earn (active or passive) income abroad, you are probably eligible for tax breaks in the first 10 years of your Aliyah. There might be restrictions if you have lived in Israel prior to Aliyah.

14. Rental Assistance

Starting from the 8th month of your Aliyah, you will get rental assistance for up to 5 years from the date of your Aliyah. The amount depends on your family status and the number of years you have resided in Israel. More information and a table with amounts you can find here (Hebrew only).

15. Daycare Reduction

You might be entitled to a reduction in daycare for Maon or Mishpachton in the first 2 years. The Maon or Mishpachton has to be recognized by the Ministry of Economy (Tamat). To check if your Maon or Mishpachton is recognized, click here.

In order to receive the benefit, each parent must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Learning in an Ulpan (min 24h/week)
  • Being registered with Misrad HaKlita or Sherut HaTaasuka as unemployed and seeking a job

Besides the discount for Olim, an additional reduction can be applied for based on the parents’ income.

16. Tuition Assistance

Based on your age, tuition assistance is available for different study programs if the institution is recognized by the Student Authority:

  • Up to age 23: Mechina (preparatory year course)
  • Up to age 27: BA
  • Up to age 30: MA
  • MA students might get up to 1 year of Hashlamot (prerequisite classes) paid for

In order to receive the benefit, you must start your studies within 3 years after Aliyah. The army and Sherut Leumi are not counted in the 3 years.

17. Property Purchase Tax Discount

In order to be eligible to receive the benefit of reduced property purchase tax you must meet the following conditions:

  • The purchase must be completed within 7 years after Aliyah
  • You must use the property personally, i.e. as your home or as your business
  • The benefit can be used only once for a residential property and once for a commercial property

18. Mortgage Discount

In the first 15 years, you might be eligibile for low interest rates when buying your first own property in Israel. If your spouse owns or owned a property in Israel, you won’t be granted the discount.

It is in any case recommended to check the interest rates, since you might get even better rates regardless of the Aliyah benefit.

Important Notes:

Individual Case

We cannot guarantee all the mentioned benefits in each case, since the granting of benefits depends on many factors, such as age, past, family situation, etc. You can get detailed information on your specific benefits during the interview with your shaliach before Aliyah and with Misrad HaKlita once you are in Israel.

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