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A Healthy Sweet Tooth – Is It Possible?

A Healthy Sweet Tooth – Is It Possible?  It is already well known that too much sugar and high-fructose corn syrup contribute to world wide health problems. Artificial sweeteners  have also come under scrutiny recently and not only do not necessarily provide any lasting benefit in reducing body fat and in fact can trigger increased […]

Going for the Gold, and Winning!

Going for the Gold, and Winning! Israeli athletes of all ages continue to make amazing strides in the international arena. Over the last two weeks, Israeli teams took home the gold with a first place win at the 40th World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Spain and in the Under-17 first International Federation of American Football […]

IDF Service for Olim

IDF Service for Olim Enlisting into the Israeli Army – the IDF – is mandatory for all Israeli citizens of a certain age, for both men and women. Who is obligated to serve? Olim from age 18 may be enlisted, depending on various factors such as medical health and physical fitness. Marital status also affects […]


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY LICENSE CONVERSION In order to become licensed as a Merapah/Merapeh Be’Isuk (מרפא בעיסוק), Occupational Therapist in Israel, one has to have their studies, including an internship, approved by Misrad HaBriut (משרד הבריאות), the Ministry of Health (MOH). For additional information, click here. In addition there is a professional exam that must be taken […]


Disabled Parking Permit In Israel, as in many other countries, disabled individuals with mobility challenges are entitled to receive a special parking permit for use in a vehicle granting access to marked disabled parking spots and in places where parking is not normally permitted.  Step 1: Types of Permits Regular permit: Green triangle for limited […]

Tel Aviv University Ranks 2nd in Alumni Tech Unicorn Founders

Tel Aviv University Ranks 2nd in Alumni Tech Unicorn Founders Outside of the United States, Israel’s Tel Aviv University ranks 1st as the alma mater with the most tech unicorn founders. According to the study conducted by Stanford University, which is at the top of the list globally with 310 alumni, Tel Aviv University comes […]

Cows in Israel Produce More Milk

Even though Israel is a country with a very hot climate, Israeli dairy farmers have mastered the use of farm cooling systems to keep their cows healthy and comfortable all year long. Israel farmers also feed their cows with the right nutrients to optimize their health. Thanks to intelligent farm management and advanced technology, cows […]

Israel Has the Highest Fertility Rate

In 2022, the fertility rate in Israel was 2.95 births per woman. In comparison: in Germany it’s 1.5 births per woman. In brazil the rate is 1.68 births per woman and in Argentina it’s 1.9. The reason Israeli women have on average more children than women in other OECD countries is mainly cultural, although there’s […]

Israeli Green-Tech Looks Back to Fly Forward

Add Your Heading Text Here Israeli Green-Tech Looks Back to Fly Forward As the world’s temperatures continue to spike creating environmental challenges everywhere, curbing carbon emissions continues to be one of the biggest challenges. For example, according to The Economist, 15 of the world’s largest freight ships alone generate more emissions than all the world’s […]

3,2,1, Blast Off!

3,2,1, Blast Off! Israeli technology continues to extend its positive influence on the world, and is no longer confined to Planet Earth. Recently, a satellite built by Israel Aerospace Industries called DS-SAR was launched into space from an Indian space center for Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency and the ST Electronics engineering group.  The […]