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IDF alternatives

Alternatives to IDF DID YOU KNOW… That instead of joining the IDF, you can choose to serve Israel in another way? This is called Sherut Leumi (National Service). Instead of 2 or 3 years of army service, you can help the country in a variety of different ways, such as volunteering in schools, hospitals, nursing […]

Documents for Aliyah

DOCUMENTS FOR ALIYAH מסמכים לעלייה There are a number of documents required in order to make Aliyah. Please read the following instructions carefully and prepare the documents exactly as explained. What You Will Need: A. Birth Certificate with Apostille This document cannot be replaced by a marriage certificate or other proofs of identity. You can […]

Aliyah from within Israel

ALIYAH FROM WITHIN ISRAEL שינוי מעמד מתייר לעולה If you are making Aliyah from within Israel, you are basically changing your status from a tourist to an oleh chadash. The procedure is different from making Aliyah from abroad. So if you are already in Israel and want to make Aliyah, follow the instructions below. What […]

Aliyah Benefits

In order to facilitate the absorption of new immigrants, the State of Israel grants certain benefits. The granting of the benefits varies de-pending on the Oleh’s status, past, age and family situation. You can find here a general guideline on eligibility and valid time period of the benefits. Note: This is not a guarantee that you will receive the benefits. Each case is considered individually by Misrad HaKlita.

Hebrew letters

Magical Hebrew letters… DID YOU KNOW… That ALL 27 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet are incorporated in the STAR OF DAVID (Magen David)? The star of David is an ancient symbol associated with Jews and Judaism. Nowadays it’s the MAIN SYMBOL on the ISRAELI FLAG! Come to Israel and be part of the nation with […]

Adapting to Israel

Adapting to Israel Adapting to Israel can be challenging. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Shivat Zion is your free ‘go-to resource’ to find guidance and assistance in your own language! Whether you need help with connecting to an adoptive family, navigating bureaucracy or just understanding your rights and benefits. We’re […]


Wie und wo erhält man eine Apostille? Viele Dokumente, die du für die Aliyah brauchst, müssen mit einer Apostille versehen sein. Eine Apostille ist eine von der Regierung ausgestellte Beglaubigung, die Dokumenten hinzugefügt wird, damit sie beim Vorweisen in einem anderen Land anerkannt werden. Jedes Land hat sein eigenes Ausstellungsverfahren. Daher unterscheidet sich auch das […]

First Steps in Israel

First Steps in Israel​ קליטה – תחילת הדרך After having made Aliyah, there are a number of things to do. These are the first steps of Klita you should take. The order of the steps is crucial. Without a bank account you cannot take the next steps. What You Will Need: A. Document of Identification Make […]

The Aliyah Process

THE ALIYAH PROCESS תהליך העלייה Making Aliyah is a long process, consisting of several phases. This document will give you an overview of the entire administrative Aliyah process. What You Will Need: A. Documents In order to make Aliyah you will need a number of documents. You can find more details here. The Process Step-by-Step: […]


Masada One of the 9 spots in Israel that are inscribed on UNESECO’s World Heritage List is ‘Masada’.This fortress, built by Herod the Great (King of Judea) who lived between 37 BCE to 4CE, was originally meant to be a king’s palace.However, Masada gained its reputation mainly because it served as the last stand of […]